Activist Shot in US During Protest

A black activist who trained the San Jose police department implicit bias was shot with a rubber bullet and seriously injured by the same department during a protest.

Derrick Sanderin suffered potentially permanent injuries during a demonstration in the city according to a statement from the Mayor Sam Liccardo.

CNN reports that the incident took place on May 29, toward the start of the protests against racial bias and police brutality following the death of George Floyd.

Sanderline told CNN Don Lemon on Monday that the tensions increased between the protesters and police as they marched towards the capitol.

The activist stood between the two groups and begged the officers not to use force when an officer aimed a gun with rubber bullet at his ground and fired.

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“We are profoundly sorry for what happened to Derrick Sanderlin, a member of our community who has worked to help us become better police officers,” President of the San Jose Police Officer Association Tom Saggau said in a statement.

“As a father I am heartbroken at reports that Mr. Sanderlin and his wife are worried they may not be able to have children.”

Also, San Jose Police Chief Edgardo Garcia called Sanderlin “a real leader in our communities’ efforts to reduce bias and discrimination.”

In addition, he said that he spoke to Sanderlin and assured him that the department will be investigating the incident.

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