Covid19 Briefing: The New Normal

The President of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari has carefully considered and approved Phase 2 of the eased lockdown recommended by the Presidential Task Force on Covid19.

With the exception of some modifications, Phase 2 of the Eased Lockdown will be extended for another 4 weeks, the National Coordinator for Covid19 Dr. Sani Aliyu said during a briefing on Monday afternoon.

This phase 2 of the eased lockdown would last from 30 June – 27 July 2020. Also Read: 4,891 People Were Diagnosed With Covid19 In Lagos During These Periods

Enforcement of laws around non- pharmaceutical interventions by state including wearing of face mask in public.

School will be reopened for students in graduating classes of SS 3 and JSS 3 as to resume in-person in preparation of the examinations.

Common entrance for pupils in primary school would be organized as soon as practicable.

All day care and primary school school should remain close.
Students should continue e-learning.

Colleges and tertiary universities should remain close until further notice.

Interstate Lockdown lifted with effect from July 1, 2020, but only outside curfew hours. State with high numbers of cases would be reviewed by the PTF.

Bars, Cinemas, Recreation park, and night clubs remain closed until further notice.

However, domestic aviation services would reopen safely as soon as practicable.

While attending to question during the briefing, Dr. Sani Aliyu urged the public to cooperate with them with the extension so that they can get on top of the pandemic.

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