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I am Goodness Pius. Welcome to this side of my blog.

As someone who has been blogging for over 3 years, and making money online, I created this page to help women like me who have the dream of having their own blogs.

So, if your dream has always been to start your own blog where you can write exciting content and make money on the side, you have come to the write page.

I am a blogging coach and affiliate marketing consultant. I can help you rev up your new blog into a business that will produce passive income for you.

If you are ready to start the exciting new journey, the articles below will serve as a guide for you. It is a collection of all my content about blogging.

And if after reading you still have some questions, you can contact me. I will be willing to help.

Many successful bloggers you see today made a lot of mistakes when they started blogging newly. I made a lot of mistakes too when I first started out and it affected not just my views/traffic but my ranking on Google. I wasn’t ranking for any keywords on search engines. But as I continued blogging, I found out that I was doing a whole lot of things wrong which I had to fix fast since I wanted to rank on Google and retain my readers. And that was why I had to write this guide to help new bloggers start on the right path.

So, whether you are in the process of starting, or you are trying to grow your blog, you will find this article really helpful.

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Want to master the act of writing great content and get paid for writing? Writing content is usually a daunting task, and producing great content is a hard knot for most people who are new to the world of writing or blogging. But do you know that you can make huge amounts of money (up to six figures) just by writing content for businesses and companies?

In this article, I will discuss 6 ways to write great contents as blog post or social media pages and how you can engage your audience or run a simple contest on Instagram for a food company.

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If you could earn money blogging like other famous bloggers, what difference would it make?
In this article, I will genuinely share with you six dope ways to make money by blogging including the pros and cons of utilizing such methods.

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Best Blogging Coach Ever!

I actually thought Blogging was difficult until I came across GoodessPius. She gave me one-on-one lectures and patiently answered all my questions. we focused on article writing, On-page SEO with Yoast, and Out-page SEO. I totally recomment her.


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With Goodness Pius I have been able to learn how how to create content that add value to my readers, and I have been able to grow my brand.


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