How to Calculate Your Bra Size Correctly In 3 Easy Steps

If you are having back pains, or bust spillage when you bend forward, if the bra underwire is poking at the sides of your busts or you have a band that hikes up- hanging on your back, or maybe straps that slip, or that aches your shoulders, then you may be wearing the wrong bra size.  

The right bra size should be nothing short of comfortable on you. If you are experiencing any of the fit issues above, you should learn how to measure your bra size correctly.  Knowing the proper way to measure your bra size is the first step to looking gorgeous in an outfit. However as easy as it is, most girls find it difficult understanding the rudiments of choosing the right bra, and so look ugly in beautiful outfits, and suffer all the back pains in the world.  

Why do some find it difficult getting the right bra size?  

Confusion: It can be difficult to know your exact bra size because there are different measurements from different countries. A ‘B’-cup from let say an Asian designer may be different from a ‘B’-cup from a designer in Europe, and a ‘D’-cup in a store in America can be different from another store in the same country. The best way to know your bra size is by taking a simple measurement of your busts using a measuring tape. 

Below are a few step-by-step processes involved by which to get the exact undergarments that fit just right.  

Step 1

Measure Your Band Size 

Measuring your band size correctly is one of the two things you need to get correctly when you want to get your bra size right. To get the correct measurement of your band size, take the measuring tape and put around your torso. Your torso is below your breast, where the bra band is positioned. Add a few inches to the measurement. Experts advise that you add about four inches if the number is even, and five inches if it’s odd. 

Let say you measured 35, add five inches as experts advised, your band size is 40. If you measured 32, your band size is 36. Record your figure in a jotter or note pad. 

Step 2

Measure Your Cup Size 

To determine the cup size, put the tape round the fullest part of your chest, right on the nipple. Let the tape lie loosely on the breast. Approximate to the nearest whole number. 

Step 3

Calculate Your Bra Size

Photo Credit: Goodness Pius

Now, subtract the calculated band size from the cup size to get your correct size. Simply put, subtract step 1 from step 2 to find your bra size. If you measured 40 inches as your cup size and 35 inches as your band size, subtract 40 inches from 35 inches. Your bra size is 35 DD.

Use the bra size chart above to know your exact bra size.

Tips for Getting Your Correct Underwear Size: 

  • Use a good tape and a note pad to record your figures. 
  • Stand before a mirror and see how the bra looks on you when you wear it. If your breasts are out when you bend slightly forward, do some adjustment. 
  • Make sure the bra is not too loose. Adjust the band using the hooks. 
  • Fix the straps when it feels too loose. Tighten it just the way you like it. 
  • If your breasts don’t sit in the cup after making the adjustments, try out another bra or go for a smaller cup size.

If you are finding it difficult to pack your bras properly, see expert guide on the subject.

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