Instagram War Between Onaichemewan and Kemi Olunloyo

The past few days in Instagram has been hot between Mary David Onaichemewan aka Mcoded, a popular Instagram advert agency and Kemi Olunloyo over who owns Gistlover.

On Saturday, Dr. Kemi Olunloyo posted an audio on Instagram with Mcoded photos with the caption: “Mary David Onaichemewan the faceless blogger behind Gistlover DEFAMING everyone.”

In the audio, she claimed Mary David Onaichemewan was the face behind Gistlover blog. She also said Onaichenewan should be arrested for defamation of character as she had defamed so many people including Davido and Safaya.

Olunloyo said, “Gistlover delves in destroying names and doing a lot of fake shits behind a blog just to get advertising going and all that stuffs.”

In addition, she said Mary David Onaichemewan should be blamed for Omotee’s arrest and not Dr. Anu of Med Contour. In another post, Olunloyo claimed Instagram legal team and the police were coming after her.

However, Mary Onaichemewan has responded to the accusation. First, she reposted the photo which Olunloyo used against her with laughing emogis. Then in another post, she refuted the claim, saying she was a digital marketer and not a blogger.

Onaichenewan also called Olunloyo a ‘mad woman’.

While fans thought it was over, she made a video she addressed as an open letter to Olunloyo who had blocked her from Instagram.

In this video, Onaichenewan threatened to take legal actions against Olunloyo if she did not pull down her pictures within the next 24 hours.

“Legal actions will be taken with immediate effect if she refuses after 24 hours,” she wrote.

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