Makinde Recommissions Security Watch Facilities in Oyo

The Governor of Oyo State, Engr. Seyi Makinde has recommissioned the expanded Security Control Room and Watch facilities in the state.

The expanded Security Service Control Room which is situated at the state Security Trust Fund Headquarters was commissioned Thursday evening.

During the event, Makinde reiterated his administration’s commitment to making Oyo State safe and secure for all within its borders.

“With this system, we can easily monitor human and vehicular traffic and even capture number plates of vehicles,” Makinde said while stating the mission.

The governor intimated citizens about the new platform installed into the state website which has now been fully acquired by the state. He urged everyone to explore.

“Also, a crime alert platform has been built into the Oyo State website. Everyone can log into the website, free of charge, and once they complete the process, with just a press of the button they can alert operatives of crimes, their location & visuals will show up on the system.

“The entire system has been reconfigured so that we no longer need to pay internet access fees of N3.5 million/month.

“Also, we have acquired the license for the software for life so no longer need to run the trial version we met. This facility now wholly belongs to Oyo State.”

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