Senior Product Designer


Salary: $ 150,000 – $180,000

Level: Mid-Level

Superside is looking for a driven Senior Product Designer to create a flexible collaboration model for our customers. The role involves designing alternative journeys to meet our customers where they are, whether it’s within our platform or any other project management tool.

You’ll play a key role in designing Superside’s collaboration and project management platform—Superspace—that helps our customers “unbottleneck” their creative needs. You’ll get to design UI components according to the best practices for interaction and experience. This role will enable our team to prototype, test and validate our product hypothesis faster.

Reporting to the Design Director, you’ll be responsible for conceptualizing and building an easy-to-use platform, helping us create a seamless and delightful experience within Superspace.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Work hand-in-hand with the Product Manager to ensure a full understanding of the problem, our users and product vision
  • Design solutions based on qualitative and quantitative analytics to build an easy-to-use system with the highest level of craft and execution
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and collaborate on data-driven experiments to validate the team’s hypotheses
  • Develop different types of prototypes to iterate solutions with the team, stakeholders and users
  • Conduct user interviews and guide usability tests and facilitate workshop sessions with users and internal stakeholders
  • Communicate with our engineering team to design feasible solutions
  • Maintain and update comprehensive documentation

What You’ll Need To Succeed

  • 4 years of relevant experience designing exceptional enterprise-class applications
  • Demonstrable experience building digital products from conception to delivery
  • Knowledge of the end-to-end design process (discovery and delivery)
  • Experience identifying and prioritizing opportunities, forming hypotheses, creating experiments, and collaboratively creating success metrics
  • Great communication skills and familiarity with technical language to facilitate collaboration with other teams
  • Knowledge of best practices for accessibility and experience designing for different devices and screen sizes
  • Organization skills needed to create and maintain easy-to-use documentation
  • Familiarity working in a cross-disciplinary environment, where experimentation and testing are valued
  • Business-oriented, data-driven, detail-oriented and autonomous mindset
  • Ability to communicate your ideas, concepts and insights clearly

Apply Now

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