Sokoto State Governor Appeals to Buhari as 8 People Die of Coronavirus


MAY 3RD 2020

My fellow citizens in Sokoto State, it is with gratitude to Allah (SWT) that I address you at this moment. Indeed, all praise is due to the Almighty at all times in all situations.
We are all aware of the critical state of our Nation, as occasioned by the current trend of Covid-19 pandemic that affects the entire globe.

In Sokoto State we are experiencing the spread of the virus as we recorded 66 positive cases and sadly, 8 deaths amongst our people as at today. Statistics are unfortunately, putting us amongst the front line states in the spread of the pandemic.

As disturbing as the statistics are the State Taskforce on Covid-19 is however proving capable of addressing the challenge. In this regard, it has been upbeat by constantly briefing the people on our situation.
As the challenge is persisting and the indices worrisome, more and more measures have been taken at Federal and State levels of government in order to prevent the worst scenario.

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You may recall that on Monday 27th April, 2020 President Muhammadu Buhari addressed the Nation and in it declared further measures in response to the spread of Covid-19 in our country, especially the very dangerous stage of community transmission, which we are sadly going through.

The particular Federal measures that affect Sokoto State are the ban on interstate movement, which reinforces the existing closure of our borders and boundaries, the compulsory wearing of facemasks by the general public and the nationwide curfew declared by the President.

Pursuant to the presidential directive it is hereby directed that effective Monday May 4th 2020, curfew is hereby imposed from 8:00pm to 6:00am daily.

This however excludes personnel and staff involved in the provision of essential services. Similarly all public and civil servants on grade level thirteen and above who are not covered by the existing stay at home order, are to wear the facemask to work and all public places.

This is in addition to already existing measures declared by the state Government.
Fellow citizens in Sokoto state, while the Government is sensitive to the difficulties these steps may cause our people, I urge us all to persevere, as these are indeed in the interest of our wellbeing. I therefore call on all of us as law abiding citizens to cooperate and adhere to all measures being put in place for the protection of our lives.

In this regard, I wish to appeal to the people to continue to adhere to the protective practices of hand washing with soap or sanitizers and social distancing.

Due to the rising statistics in Sokoto State, I wish to appeal to Mr President and the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 to intervene in our State, through the provision of logistics and technical support, with a view to stemming the disturbing trend.

I pray to Allah (SWT) to protect us from all dangers, heal those afflicted and forgive those who departed. Amin.

Wassalamu alaikum, warahamatullahi, wabarakatuhu.

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