Coronavirus crisis: President Trump finally responds to Minnesota’s call for help

President Trump has promised to send supplies to Gov. Tim Walz of Minnesota after the governor voiced concern over lack of testing kits, masks and ventilators.

Trump made the declaration over his verified Twitter handle.

Walz’s approach to controlling the spread of the virus has been helpful. He has used executive emergency powers to close down schools, businesses, most public places and has enforced a sit at home policy for Minnesota.

According to former DFL Gov. Mark Daylon, “Given how vindictive the president is toward some of the other governors who seems to be giving him a hard time publicly, Governor Walz is doing exactly what he should, which is maximize what he can get for Minnesota

Although the White House has been accused of erecting a blockade to stop states and hospitals from getting Coronavirus PPE, Trump has proved that he is ready to help Minnesotans and Americans in general.

Some governors also criticized Trump for not providing enough testing kits, ventilators and not being involved in the testing process.

“States, not the Federal Government, should be doing the Testing- But we will work with the governors to get it done.” Trump said.

  • He called the accusation a ‘ very dangerous political game’.

So far, Walz has been the only Democratic governor who has refused to criticize Trump or his administration.

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