Why you Should Unbound Royal Q

Unbound RoyalQ from your crypto apps now.

This morning, I unbound and deleted RoyalQ from my device. It’s a decision that I didn’t know I would make when I first signed up and bound my Binance account with the Chinese app late last year.

Like many others, the first week of signing up for RoyalQ was exciting for me. Prior to signing up, I had heard so much about the cryptocurrency trading app that prevents losses (I was new in the crypto space) and jumped into it.

I read a lot of positive reviews and a few negative reviews online and decided to share mine as well.

However, two weeks into signing up, I wasn’t making what I expected. (This was before Bitcoin and Ethereum crashed).

Don’t get me wrong, I made some profits, but I lost everything, including my capital because some of the coins like Kava were shit coins and the market went into a bear. The few who made some money had a lot of capital. Unlike me and some traders, they had between 1000 to 2000 Dollars as trading capital. I had just 75 dollars.

The multilevel marketers who will come to you and preach all the juicy stuff about RoyalQ won’t tell you that you need a lot of capital to profit. These people lack the fear of God in them; they are only after your money because they get a 30 per cent fee as a commission and move up the chain.

When the market started going south, I panicked. Then I did a lot of research on the best coins to trade and the best trading strategy for RoyalQ. I even shared my findings online. Eventually, I made one dollar on each trade, sometimes two dollars trading Litecoin and Ava, including bitcoin, but then, I lost every dime.

I had registered with 100 dollars, which was equivalent to 60,000 naira in my country’s currency. Additionally, I paid 20 dollars for the gas fee. But I didn’t makeup to 10 dollars on RoyalQ.

A lot of people don’t understand that people who wrote those positive reviews about RoyalQ, whose original owners are faceless are multilevel marketers. Like all multilevel marketing, they used products to entice unsuspecting investors. But it was never about the product; it was purely a Ponzi.

It was when I entered Royal Q fully that I knew that it was a chain system. This means that I don’t get to make any money by selling any sham products. (The product in this case is ‘trading’.) If I didn’t invite people by deceiving them that they could make money by signing up, I wouldn’t make any money.

But I had joined with the sole aim of trading with the robot alone. I wasn’t interested in multilevel marketing. I began to disturb my upline; it turned out that he too was coaxed into joining the Royal Q community. He didn’t really understand how it works.

Then, Bitcoin and Ethereum crashed. I stopped logging into the app. All my trades were hanging. For instance, Litecoin, which was above 250 dollars when I entered a trade fell to 26 dollars. Bitcoin was taking all the other coins down with it. The floating losses were visible in red.

I stopped checking the trades. It wasn’t appealing.

Then today I decided to login in. It required that I update the app. I patiently did.
After a while, I saw a notification and clicked on it. It says that I had to pay a new registration fee of 120 USD and that if I didn’t do so before 15 days, I would be deducted from my account.

Though I had no money in my Binance, I was completely distraught by the message. There was no way I was going to waste that kind of money again.

And there and then, I unbound Royal Q app from my Binance and uninstalled it.

For the new investors, before anyone deceives you into signing up for RoyalQ, know that the app isn’t how they portray it to be.

If something is too good to be true, it’s probably not true.

That said, if you found this post helpful, share, share and share. You don’t know who you might save by sharing.

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  1. Dear friend
    I am facing the same problem . Please tell me how can I unbound Royal q from binance?
    What is the method of unbound.

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