60% of Positive Cases are from Oil Workers, Wike

The Governor of Rivers State, Gov. Nyensom Ezenwo Wike has confirmed that the recent increase of Coronavirus in Rivers State are connected to Oil workers.

Governor Wike said this when addressing the state, Tuesday, May 26th, 2020. Also Read: Govt. to Distribute 27.4 m Mosquito Nets, Health Minister

‘As 60% of the positive cases recorded in the State are connected with oil company worker,’ he said.

‘We have initiated a meeting with all the major oil companies to work out strategies on how we can stop this trend and stop the risk this category of workers now pose to the State.’

Wike reiterated his words that the increasing number of positive cases was no cause for worry as contact teaching has been intensified.

He said: ‘As I have stated earlier, there is nothing to worry about the increasing number of positive cases.

‘As such is not unexpected in the light of the intensification of contact- tracing and increased testing of suspected cases.’

Also he guaranteed that his administration is investigating the rumored or suspected outbreak of the virus at Bonny Island.

‘Our team of medical personnel led by the Commissioner for Health has visited Bonny Island.

‘And collected samples from suspected cases for analysis and immediate intervention should the results indicate the outbreak of the virus in the area.’

Finally, he addressed Bobosky’s issue which according to him caused security breaches in the state.

‘Our intelligence has intercepted a clandestine plan by some criminal elements led by Bobosky to cause security breaches in the State by instigating violence and burning down churches in Khana, Eleme, Gokana, Tai and Oyigbo Local Government Areas of the State.’

He assured all residents that the state government is fully ready and prepared to deal with the situation.

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