Ajayi’s Real Reason for Decamping to PDP

One thing Nigerians cannot take from Agboola Ajayi’s unexpected decamping to PDP on Sunday is that he did so just because he felt APC was a “poisoned space” or that he was like a “typical bystander”.

Although, the Deputy governor of Ondo State, Agboola Ajayi, who decamped to PDP has given reasons why he dumped the All Progressives Congress to join the Peoples Democratic Party, Nigerians feel there is more to it.

In a statement made on Monday, June 22, by his Press Secretary, Babatope Okeowo, the Ondo deputy governor while being officially welcomed into the PDP, described the APC as a “poisoned space” he needed to move away from.

According to him, the APC was now like “a house divided against itself in Ondo State, adding that the party was having breathing difficulties because one man was kneeling on its neck”.

Also, he said he had watched like a typical bystander within APC, Ondo State, in the administration he is supposed to be part of for too long.

He added that “At the moment in Ondo State, democracy and wide participation by the people have given way to unsolicited and illegitimate outsourcing of power, familitocracy, nepotism, clannishness and primitive accumulation of illegal wealth under state cover.”

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However, Goodness Pius Blog gathered from an insider that Agboola Ajayi decamped to PDP not because of the reasons stated above, but because he has the intention of contesting as governor in the coming election, October 10.

And that is why he left in the manner he did. He didn’t inform his boss Governor Akeredolu that he was leaving the party. He only wrote a letter to the Commissioner of Police which did not explain his intention. What he should have done if he had a good intention was to write to the appropriate office-the Governor or his COS.

Watch the Video as Ajayi is Prevented from Leaving the Government House

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