The Tastiest Shawarma Spot in Ibadan (Simply the best)

Last weekend, I visited the best shawarma spot in Ibadan.

If you are new to Ibadan and are craving some nice shawarmas, there is only one shawarma spot you should visit: FoodCO Grill House, Ring Road Ibadan. Yelp, you heard me.

The first shawarma spot I visited tasted ordinary. If that was the first time I had shawarma, boy, that would have been my last. I mean, with all the hypes on shawarma, it has to be perfect.

What kind of meal is shawarma? Shawarma is a Middle Eastern pita sandwich recipe made with thinly sliced seasoned chicken, veggies, and sauce wrapped in pita bread. It was originally made with lamb or mutton. Shawarma is the ultimate on-the-go meal.

As a resident of Ibadan who loves shawarma, I have patronized many shawarma spots: street sellers, small kiosks, people’s houses and sit-down restaurants like Chicken Republic and Wimpy Restaurant in Jericho. However, none gave me that feeling I wanted to satisfy. Either it was too dry, too spicy, had no taste, had too much cabbage, little meat, or the meat is replaced with sausage or onions.

I am throwing down the gauntlet, the best shawarma in Ibadan is FoodCo Grill House. (I am not biased; this is not a sponsored post. There is no need to be.)

You see, I never really understood the whole hypes of shawarma until my roomy took me to a shawarma spot in Owerri. Although the shawarma spot had long closed down, it was the best. That was the first time I tasted shawarma; the taste was out of this world.

So, last weekend, my sister and I decided to visit FoodCO Ring Road. She is a regular and has always spoken well about their shawarma. I wanted to be surprised by the freshness of the ingredients, the range of flavors that come from a few expertly blended spices and the boneless, skinless chicken that has been roasted slowly.  ‘I’ll have a bite of this ‘heaven’ as she put it. Let’s go,’ I said. I dressed my baby up, and we left the house for the shawarma spot.

Although FoodCo is known mostly for its convenience store, the director is devoted to bringing the best shawarma to Ibadan.

So, what’s in it besides the sauce, diced meats and shredded cabbage? Shredded green cabbage, shredded carrot, previously marinated meats (chicken), flavoured sauce (spicy), two grilled sausages, all served inside a griddled pita bread (flatbread). Mouthwatering, right?

Let me warn you; there is always a long line of people waiting to get served. And that is because FoodCO shawarma is unarguably the best shawarma spot in Ibadan. Thus, we took a seat to wait patiently.

After one hour, when my order was ready, I quickly unwrapped the foil to unveil the wrap of goodness. There it was, tantalizing with rich flavours that seep out of the Ibadan best shawarma like candy falling out of a piñata. The difference can be felt, seen, tasted, and enjoyed. They’re deliciously fresh and absolutely addicting.

One hungry bite I had, satisfied my savoury gland. It had the right amount of everything. The slow grilling on low heat made it tender and juicy. ‘Yes, this is the best shawarma spot in Ibadan,’ I confirmed. Its taste is second to none—the best among the rest.

Foodco has the best shawarma in Ibadan

FoodCo Grill House sells these meal-size portions for just #1250. So much for this little amount.

So, whenever the craving strikes, you know where to go. FoodCo Grill House is the go-to shawarma spot for Ibadan residents and visitors. It’s impossible to find a disappointment.