While the World Awaits a Vaccine, Uganda Produces a Solution

The President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, on Saturday May, 9th 2020, hosted a prayer section at the State House at Entebbe to observe the second National Prayers on Covid-19.

The prayer was organized to fight the Covid-19 in Uganda. It started by 1 pm and had in attendance the religious leaders in the country.

According to Museveni, ‘Our strategy is to limit the number of COVID-19 positive cases to a manageable one; prohibit its spread, as we wait for the vaccine.

‘However, I also believe that God helps those who help themselves.’ he said.

President Yoweri urged citizens to pray for God’s intervention to end the pandemic in Uganda and the rest of the world while observing the guidelines.

He said, ‘ May each of you wherever you are, whoever you are, through your respective religious means pray with us all as we seek God’s intervention to end this Covid-19 pandemic here, and the rest of the world.’

Currently, 740 communities have been tested in Uganda and all samples tested negative for COVID-19. Total COVID-19 confirmed cases in the country is 114. 55 cases have been discharged.
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