Akuapem Poloo, Apologises to Ghanaians for Sharing Nude Picture with Seven-year-old Son.

Ghanaian Actress, Rosemond Brown, aka Akuapem Poloo, has apologised to Ghanaians for a nude picture with her son she posted on social media to mark his seventh birthday.

Ms Brown came under attack after the nude surfaced on her Instagram page for what many described as “insensitive” and an abuse of the boy’s rights.

The picture depicted the actress naked as she squatted before her half-naked seven-year-old son, holding hands.

However, she defended her action quickly in the comment section of her post, where she claimed she was not completely nude.

She said: “I was not completely naked. He did not see my organs because I covered myself with a cloth and applied sellotapes to the necessary parts. Besides, the picture was taken in my own house.”

Also, Akuapem Poloo maintained that the attention should be directed at the ‘knowledgeable’ caption rather than the photo, adding that people will appreciate the photo if only they understand her message.

But Child Rights International, a child rights organization, petitioned the Ghanaian Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) to look into the matter.

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According to the child rights organisation, the issue amounts to the breach of the Welfare Principle of the Children’s Act.

“As a child rights organisation, we deem this act as a violation of the Welfare Principle of the Children’s Act and abuse of child’s rights to privacy and dignity.

“We wish to notify your esteemed office to investigate the taking of the said images and its circulation,” a statement by the organisation said on Tuesday.


The actress, in a new video on her Instagram feed, made a U-turn and apologised for the conduct.

But she maintained that the act sought to teach the public about caring for parents, adding that it was to get the children to do more for mothers, especially, regardless of their deprived state.

“What I was saying was that, no matter how naked you see your parent, don’t run away from them. Get close to them and cloth them,” she said in the video.

According to her, the image was an ‘artistic impression’ to get the message across but it did not sit well with a section of the public.

“As an artist, whatever I post is an artistic impression. I’m not trying to put porn on my page or playing porn with him (her son),” she said.

She, nonetheless, apologised for her action which she said was not to arrive at any ill-motive.

“I am so sorry if I hurt anyone with my post this morning. I also want you to know that it wasn’t made with a bad intention,” she said.

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