Areewa: The New Makeup App Everyone is Talking About

Areewa, the R-Uber Makeup and Gele Artistry app is the new mobile app that has got everyone pretty excited since it announced its launch to a small audience last week. You can use the app for booking the best and affordable beautician.

Has a make-up artist ever disappointed you in the past? And suppose you have struggled to find make-up artists that provide quality service at a reasonable fee; you should be among the thousands of Nigerians that are excited about the new Areewa Makeup and Beauty Booking App.

A leading IT company in Nigeria, Wavepalm Technology Solutions Limited, developed Areewa Makeup and Beauty app so that the process of finding beauty professionals and booking Beauty appointments simple and stress free. When the new app launches next month exclusively to the UK, Ghanaian and Nigerian markets, users in these locations can locate professional beauty technicians near them with ease. Just install the app on Playstore, register, find beauty technicians near you with a tap of the button. So easy!

Although the focus of Areewa is make-up artists and Gele, it allows beauty providers besides make-up artists on the app. This is not what you see in other apps. If you are looking for hairstylists, nail technicians, manicurists and pedicure specialists, body treatment and even a masseuse to get the knots out of your aching back, look no further; Areewa Makeup and Beauty Booking App is coming to make your search easy.

How does Areewa plan to deal with Fraudulent Business Accounts?

Because customers satisfaction is a priority to the company, it designed an app with a unique feature that allows users to rate beauticians by writing reviews after services have been rendered. The team would constantly review these ratings, and would delist, deactivate or prevent the salons with low ratings and negative reviews from appearing when users search for what they offer. Thus, users should expect top quality services as only salons with high and positive reviews will enjoy increased visibility. Just like Bolt or Jumia, you would say. I think this is another cool thing about the Areewa Makeup and Beauty app.

Get Rid of Under Eye Bags, Wear Makeup Faultlessly

Again, to ensure that only genuine people register on the app, the team scrutinized all the registered beauticians. (They provided proof that they are in the business.) Wave palm has really worked hard to provide a trustworthy experience for service providers and users. 

Over 100 beauticians across the nation registered on the Areewa prior to its launch. The company expects beauticians who want to expand their customer base and make extra income will register and take advantage of the great app once it is launched. Due to the number of users already registered and the publicity the company has made, beauticians can expect nothing less than 5 weekly bookings. A number that will increase as more people get to know the app and subscribe to use the platform. 

Users can start booking beauty appointments from the launch date. Everyone can download Areewa Makeup and Beauty App from Google Playstore by typing Areewa, set up an account to start booking. The first 20 users to book an appointment get a 10% discount. Follow Areewa on their Instagram and Facebook page for updates, discounts and offers. 

With its easy to use, effective and intuitive interface, users and providers will have no problem navigating the app. Areewa is the best makeup and beauty booking app of the millennium. 

Easily book a beauty session with the Areewa app. Tap the button to book a beauty professional, chat with an agent near you and enjoy an affordable beauty treatment. You would save money when you choose Areewa over other services. 

Register for free. Download the app to find the best make-up artist in your country. Please, visit their website  

For further enquiries kindly send a mail to [email protected]

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