5 Simple Steps to get your Site Ready for Google ADSENSE

Easily get your new site/blog ready for Google AdSense program, sign up to get started, and analyze the most profitable topic to maximize your earning.

If you have a live blog and want to make money from it, there are a lot of things that you should know. Monetizing your content is not really as difficult as a lot of people think; there are a number of ways you can do that.

In this article, I will take you through the process of getting your site ready for Google AdSense. These includes the 5 easy steps on how I started running Ads on my blog in less than two months (approximately 7 weeks) of blogging actively.

First, it is important to know what Ads program we are talking about. This article will educate you on how to get accepted into the most popular advertising network- Google AdSense Program, how to run Ads on your blog or website and ways to get the most out of it.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is owned by Google, and is a major source of income for the company. It is free for publishers (bloggers), but advertisers (people with products they want to advertise) pay per click. Advertisers use the Google Ads program to advertise their products or services on AdSense websites.

How much money can you earn from AdSense?

Google charges advertisers per ad click. As a publisher, you will receive 68% of the revenue and Google will receive 32%. This percentage will be accrued to you if a visitor clicks the Ads on your site.

You could earn up to $10,573 yearly as a publisher if you display ads on the most profitable topics, but a lot also depends on your user’s interests. You need to read to the end to see how you can get the most profitable topic.

How to get started with AdSense

“All you have to do is drop the little AdSense code into your website and it immediately starts working”

Jack Herrick, WikiHow Founder and CEO

Get started with Adsense

According to Google, you need just 3 things to get started with AdSense:

A Google Account.

You need a Gmail or any other Google service. If you don’t have one, sign up and Google will help you create your new account. It gets you into AdSense and everything Google.

A phone number and a postal address.

To apply, you need a phone number and the mailing address associated with your bank account so you can get paid.

Connect your site to Google AdSense.

Add one piece of code to your site and Google will take care of the rest, allowing you to grow your business.

Well, the above piece is how Google explains it, but it is a little trickier than that. Before you sign up, you have to get your site ready to get approved.

So, let’s get your site ready for AdSense. Shall we?

Google is not keen on doing business with amateurs; they want to see signs that your blog is a long term venture, that you know what you are blogging about, and that approving your blog for AdSense will not be a waste of time for them. All you need is to follow these easy steps and you are pretty much ready.

5 steps to get your site ready and get accepted into the Google AdSense program

Step 1Start a blog that is already functioning. Before you apply as a publisher, your website or blog should be live and full of content. You have to let Google know you are active. One way you can help Google see that your site is active is by adding content regularly, or at regular intervals. Google will not approve your site if it has zero or few content. Ensure you have substantial amount of original content on your blog.

Step 2Structure. Your website or blog needs to have a defined structure. Your users need this structure to navigate on your site, to click from one page to another easily. Also Google uses the structure of your site to determine what content is important and what is less relevant. And it helps your post rank higher. Each page should be easily navigated. Structuring your site is perfect for user experience-UX. If your visitors cannot find the information they are looking for in your site, it will be hard for them to become regular visitors.

Categorize your posts. One post should be linked to another. That is why the Menu is very important. Your website menu should be on your Home Page for easy navigation.

Step 3Pages with content. Content is one of Google’s requirements for AdSense. In order to get accepted into the AdSense program, you need to have content. Not just any content; you need important and engaging content- topics that people are searching for.

Content that attract an audience. Start by writing contents you want to be found on search engines. Each page on your blog should have at least two articles for a start. Since Google usually takes content into consideration when considering a website for AdSense, pages without posts can hinder your application from being approved.

Your content should be unique, interesting and must comply with the AdSense Program policies. Don’t be your own problem.

Step 4 Traffic. I believe the amount of traffic your website generates is a key factor when applying for Google AdSense program. Please, if you have low traffic, do not bother applying as a publisher for now as it would not favor you nor would it favor the advertisers.

Google wants a better experience for their users. They think this way: if you don’t have visitors on your site, then no one is seeing your contents. If no one is seeing your contents, no one would click on the Ads. Google don’t want that. Since it uses pay per click, only site with enough traffic would be approved. See the number of traffic you can have on your blog to make money through AdSense.

Step 5Gmail. This step is important to get started. If you have done the 4 steps above, then you are almost ready in getting your site ready for AdSense. Your Gmail address is required when applying for AdSense. So open a Gmail account if you don’t have one.

Now that your site is live with contents, easily navigated, has huge traffic/visitors and you have created a Gmail account, the next step for you is to apply. You can apply for AdSense through the AdSense page. You will get a response from them in few weeks.

Oops! You were not approved. Don’t panic. Google probably does that to all their first time publishers.

The message you received from Google probably looks like this:

Your application was rejected without a genuine or specific reason. If you knew why it was rejected, you would find it easy to work on. However, Google doesn’t explain why such occurs.

Work on your site and reapply. Make sure the content you publish on your blog/site are unique and originally yours. Google has zero tolerance to plagiarism. If you must publish someone else’s post, you have to cite them properly.

Images on your blog/site shouldn’t be left out also. You can use royalty free images or endeavor to appropriately link or cite the source.

Having worked on your site, reapply. You would receive your publisher ID after a few weeks. But if it is taking too long to hear a response from them, you can contact them through their close forum.

How to maximize your earnings with Google AdSense

• To make money with AdSense, you need a website that offers value to your visitors.

• You need a high quality website.

• You need to target the right keywords

• Comply with AdSense policies. Read their policy on the AdSense page.

• Have a website with a purpose.

• Analyze the most profitable niche for your region.

• You need a lot of traffic.

More on keywords

Targeting the right keywords in your content can make you make money with AdSense. The right keywords are:

Keywords used by advertisers to promote their products as it has higher competition and raises the earning per click.

Action keywords– these are keywords that are more effective in conversion. Users are more likely to convert after they click. That is why you need a website that focuses on a niche. Now, go to picture 2 under the subheading below. Study the picture and have a clue about expensive keywords used by advertisers.

If you have a website that focuses on a niche, let say “Health and wellness” and you write a content on “how to eradicate pimples fast”, you can choose/control the AdSense you want to be displayed on your site/blog as a publisher- an Ad related to your content. Users are more likely to click on the Ads more since users are looking for a solution (s) to their problems.

More on Analyzing the most profitable niche for Google AdSense

I mentioned above that you could receive 68% per ad click as a publisher. But the commission you get depends heavily on the competition and Cost Per Click (CPC) for that niche.

Some niche pays a little as $0.48 and others up to $16. To know which niche pays higher in your region, you have to use a CPC tool. I recommend the CPC Map by Semrush. With the CPC Map, you can identify the most promising regions and keywords for digital advertising. New bloggers can also use the CPC Map to set a focus niche for their blog.

It’s pretty simple to use. Just sign up for free, and enter your country on the specified column for country and enter the region right on the Dashboard.

From the image above, you can see that for a country like The United States, Alaska has the lowest average CPC, while California has the highest.

With this, you have a clue of how high you can get from AdSense.

Also, the PPC costs which are located just below the map can be used to estimate the average CPC for bidding on keywords for each industry.

The above image shows insurance as the highest average CPC using the PPC costs. That means you will be paid $15.56 dollars if a user clicks on the ads.

But what about the user’s interest? It is very vital to consider the users interest when you want to maximize your earning. To do this, we use the PPC demand. It is just next to the PPC costs. The PPC demand gives an estimate on the average monthly volume.

The monthly volume determines how high you can earn in a month. It gives you an estimate of how many people are searching for a particular keyword. Look closer at the image below.

Insurance does not have the highest monthly volume under the PPC demand. Instead, Home and Garden does with a total number of 44,009.23, followed by Real Estate with 32,752.22. What does that tell you? It tells you that you can get more clicks which will turn to more money for you in the long run. More clicks equal to more money in your account. Now login to SemRush and do your analysis.

More on Traffic

In my experience, you need to have a lot of monthly traffic, up to 50,000 to earn with Google AdSense.

Using the AdSense calculator, let’s say you are from one of these Continents: Europe, Middle East or Africa and you have a monthly traffic of 50,000, your estimated annual revenue could be over $10,000 for a finance niche.

However, there’s no guarantee or commitment that you’ll earn this amount. Estimates are based on the content category and region you selected. Actual revenue is dependent on many factors such as advertiser demand, user location, user device, content vertical, seasonality, ad size and currency exchange rates.

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