How to Resubmit Pi KYC

Since I have been receiving so many emails from PI miners requesting information on how they can resubmit Pi KYC or redo Pi KYC after being struck for months or even years, I decided to do research about it.

So many miners have been trying to pass Pi KYC for as long as two (2) years. These ones are frustrated because without passing KYC, they cannot do anything with their already-mined coins. It is also impossible to migrate to Mainnet.

If you are one of the numerous Pi miners who have been experiencing difficulties passing KYC and would like to resubmit your KYC, this post might be able to help you resolve your issue.

Before requesting to resubmit Pi KYC, it might interest you that your failure to pass KYC may be a result of some user errors you made while applying for KYC.

Possible Reasons Why You Are Unable to Complete PI KYC Registration

  • You submitted a non-listed ID type. The recognized or recommended ID should be a valid government-issued ID, driver’s license, or international passport.
  • Indicated an incorrect ID type. For instance, you clicked on driver’s license, but you used your ID card or passport.
  • Incomplete information. You did not complete your registration; you uploaded one side of your ID or DL instead of both sides as required.
  • Incorrect name: The name on your ID does not match the name on your account. Since there are differences in name (s) the system cannot reconcile this error and cannot process your information.
  • You uploaded a blurred ID and an unclear photo.
  • The Selfie video was unclear or other people appeared in the video.
  • Policy violations. You may have violated the policies of the PI Core Team.
  • A name change appeal was submitted. If you submitted an appeal to change your account’s name and it wasn’t approved before you applied for KYC, then this might be the cause of the delay.
  • Your KYC is stuck and is in the process of being unstuck by the Core Team.

How to Resubmit PI KYC

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Currently, there is no option to resubmit or redo KYC if your KYC has been pending for so long. You need to wait for your previous application to be rejected. If the reason for being rejected is caused by one of the user errors above, then you will be given the option to resubmit.

Do not stop mining; I am sure that the Core Team is aware of this problem and will resolve it soon.

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