“Hire an Attorney,” Kemi Olunloyo Tells Peruzzi

Nigerian Investigative and Medical Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has called on Nigerian popular musician Peruzzi to get a lawyer.

Kemi told Peruzzi moments after she interviewed the second girl who accused the singer of rape on Wednesday.

“Peruzzi is in deep trouble… It is very serious,” the community activist said in a live Instagram video today.
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Peruzzi whose real name is Victor Tobechukwu Okoh was accused by a girl known as Princess in Twitter on Wednesday, June 3rd.

According to Princess, the singer raped her eight years ago–in 2012– in a hotel in Lagos State when she visited Peruzzi with a friend called Aisha.

However, the singer has reacted to the alleged rape case saying he is “Okoh Tobechukwu Victor” and that he has never raped anyone before.

He claimed a friend who was present at the date of the accusation has refused the claim.

“The claim is false and has also been refuted by a witness who was present at the time of the allegation. Rape is a heinous and cowardly act, which I do not condone.”

Speaking about some rape inciting tweets which were dug to support the claim, the singer who accepted responsibility for them had apologized.

“I’m ashamed and deeply apologetic for a series of tweets posted on social media 8 years ago.

“Those tweets were irresponsible and ill-informed. I was younger and didn’t fully grasp the implications of making such statements. They are neither a reflection of who I am then, or now.

“I sympathise & stand with all victims and survivors of rape. I do not take your trauma lightly.

“My heart goes out to the families of Uwazila, Ada, Farishina, and all other survivors who have courageously spoken about their abuse in recent times, may the Almighty heal your hearts.

“It is my earnest prayer that the perpetrators be brought to book.

“Once again, I sincerely apologise for those tweets, containing really stupid and insensitive statements; I take full responsibility, as I should have known better.”

Also, he added, “I can’t forgive myself for those dumb tweets. I am sorry. That’s not me!”

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