57th Africa Day, Namibia President Applauds Africans

The President of the Republic of Namibia, President Hage Geingob, on the occasion of the 57th Africa day spoke on the ‘Africa we want’.

Pres. Geingob gave a remarkable speech today, May 25, 2020, resounding the accomplishments of past African heroes towards the decolonization of African countries.

He said: ‘On this noteworthy day, Africa day, Africans from all corners of the globe come together under the banner of Pan-African solidarity, to celebrate a day which symbolizes our victory over the yoke of colonial oppression.

“As espoused in our blueprint for the future of our continent, Agenda2063, it is a day on which we express ‘our Pan-African drive for unity, freedom, progress and collective prosperity’.

‘We shall continue to support the AU reforms and the accomplishment of a peaceful and prosperous Africa.’

Going through the achievements of the first and second wave of African leaders, he said the effort of the third wave leaders are ‘not perfect’.

However, Africa today is marked differently on each and every governance indicator. Also Read: Covid19: Chinese Govt. Finally Replies US

For example, Africa has witnessed an increase in free and fair elections, smooth transition of powers and their likes.

Geingob applauded the achievements of Africans as they celebrate the 57th African Day.

According to Geingob, in 57 years Africa has achieved what some thought would be impossible: a free, democratic Africa; a self governing Africa; and an Africa without incessant civil war and unrest, focused on the wellbeing of its citizens.

Also he emphasized that Africa must maintain unity of purpose and move forward with a sense of urgent towards the upliftment of the African citizens, both materially and ideologically.

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