Lagos Would Have Multiple Biosecurity Threats, Commissioner

Lagos State Commissioner for Health Prof. Akin Abayomi announced that the state would have multiple biosecurity threats since it is vulnerable to the importation of Covid19.

The Commissioner told Radio Nigeria today during a live interactive section on ‘Epidemic Preparedness in Nigeria Post Covid19: Prospects and Strategies’.

Abayomi said: ‘We know that Lagos State is vulnerable to the ‘importantation’ of COVID19 and we know we will have multiple biosecurity threats.’

‘We are aware of all the international biosecurity instruments.’

Currently, Lagos State is reviewing the biosecurity Laws and policies in accordance with the global standards.

On the pandemic, the commissioner revealed that Lagos State Government together with the NCDC and The Federal Ministry of Health has adopted the One Health paradigm.

The One Health Paradigm, Abayomi informed, takes ‘account of human, environment and animal health.’

A committee has been established in Lagos to work according to the arrangement.

On Medical Tourism, Prof. Abayomi said Lagos State can develop Centers for excellence across Nigeria.

‘We can develop Centres of excellence across the country for medical tourism in Nigeria.

‘There is no reason why govt cannot create that kind of environment for us to progress along this line.’

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