PI KYC Verification Solutions

Looking for quick ways to resolve your PI KYC verification issues?

Perhaps you keep getting this error, ‘KYC slot unavailable’ each time you try to verify your PI KYC and you need to resolve this problem immediately?

And if you have applied and submitted your application for Pi KYC and are yet to receive a confirmed notification that your application was successful, then this update is for you.

A lot of pioneers have been reaching out to me for assistance to pass PI KYC after reading my article on how to apply for KYC verification; some claimed to have submitted their application over 5 months ago. Pioneers are sadly going through a hard time verifying their KYC successfully. This we cannot ignore.

Since the Core Team’s ultimate objective is to foster a vibrant Pi ecosystem by providing reliable and safe-proof onboarding to ensure the intrinsic quality of the network, KYC is one of the essential ingredients to achieve this overall goal.

So, if your application is stuck for weeks or months, there is good news for you. This article is focused on helping people whose Pi KYC verifications are taking too long to find solutions.

Pi KYC Verification Solutions

In a recent update released in the early weeks of December 2022, the PI Core Team revealed that they are doing everything they can to scale KYC as soon as possible. Some of the major progress the team has achieved are:

The PI team has improved the efficiency of the KYC app infrastructure; thus, pioneers can expect more completed applications as the loading time of each screen has reduced.

The team has also created technical processes to analyze the KYC funnel and why some applications are stuck in the funnel. It is currently designing a solution to unblock this issue.

Deployed several more features to support the KYC solution, such as a custom camera feature for older devices and OS and user experience.

Improving their ability to process pioneers’ name change appeals, has delayed some pioneers from successfully passing KYC.
Pi pioneers whose KYC applications have been stuck for months would start seeing their results in no time.

Nevertheless, for more specific issues, you can check the bullet points below for updates on your applications.

  • PI KYC Verification Process is Taking so Long

If you fall under this category and you are not in the regions where they practice special Tentative KYC, then know that the Core Team is working on unblocking 56% of the pioneers with stuck KYC application.

So, if your application is stuck due to an ID issue, perhaps you used NIN, then your application may be one of the applications the team will unblock soon.

  • I appealed to change my account Name

For pioneers who appealed to change their account name and are stuck in the KYC process because their name appeals can’t be resolved by machine automation, KYC human validators will be able to resolve and unblock them in the KYC process.

  • Rejected Applications

Pioneers whose applications for KYC were rejected would be able to appeal for resubmissions. Thus, pioneers who applied with unrecognized IDs, such as NIN and rejected applications can submit an appeal form to provide additional information for another chance for reconsideration once this feature is deployed.

The Bottom Line

The PI Core Team is making significant progress to improve the safety of the KYC app and expand the KYC application to as many pioneers in different regions as possible; the ideal thing for PI pioneers whose verifications are still pending or stuck in the KYC funnel to do is to be patient.

This also includes those whose applications for pi KYC were rejected. The core team is working really hard to rectify these issues.

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48 Responses

  1. I used a paper NIN for my KYC which was not allowed to used and now my KYC is struck in review progress for some months now.

      1. I have the same issue… My KYC application says it’s on review but I sent my application like 8 months ago. I dunno what to do… even other pioneers, here in my place and under my count, haven already validated. But in my case it still stuck ok review after more than 8 months. My account is “hayrolr”.

    1. Have you seen the solution , because i have the issue like this please if you have sort it out tell me please

      1. Be rest assured that your situation is not peculiar. There are many pi pioneers going the same problems, just be patient with the team.

          1. How can i cancel my kyc and do another one i have submitted my kyc 7 to 12 months ago and still is in pending no result

          2. Be rest assured that this is not a peculiar issue. The Pi core team and working hard to rectify this.

  2. Hey goodness, i have done my kyc 2 weeks ago, and on the browser pi it says im validated, but on the mainnet tasks the step 6 (kyc) is still loading. should i just wait? thank you

  3. I have submitted my KYC application. But it is still in progress for over two months now.. I don’t just know what else to do . I don’t know how to cancel it or go forward.. I am so stocked… I need a clearance please

    1. If you read this article, you will see that I mentioned that the pi team is aware of your case. Please, you just have to wait until they cancel or approve it.

  4. I used a paper NIN for my KYC registration,since the past 2 months now it has been struck on review in progress ,I don’t know what to do ,I need help on what to do

  5. I used my drivers license and it’s up to 8 months since i applied for kyc; yet it hasn’t ent been approved.

    1. Iam sorry to hear that your application is taking so long. But like I mentioned, there’s nothing anyone stuck in the process can do but wait for the pi core team.

  6. I started the process , but when I want to snap I tried hito minimize the app, and when icame back it’s showing me review in process even when I haven’t snap my Id card.
    What is the way out

  7. My own issue there was no option for me to to select the kind of ID I want to used that is my own issue

  8. Goodness, my own problem is I submitted my KYC verification but it’s taking forever to validate
    Please how long do I have to wait for the pi core team to resolve the situation??

    1. Hi, I need you to be patient with them. They are working on it. Be rest assured that it’s be rectified soon.

  9. My problem is i used my Nin slip paper and since then my kyc application status is under review in progress and is almost 2 years now please help me out , i have messaged the team many times but up to now the problem was still there.

    1. I am sorry that you are finding it difficult to verify. Be rest assured that the core team is working on it.

  10. Good day, please for months now I have seen my kyc results and my pi has been verified, it has shown approved but on the pi app in mainnet checklist it is still showing wait for kyc results. What can I do about this?

  11. Is there any other way to modify my name.
    I believe, I wasn’t properly informed then. I started mining Pi with a Facebook name.that didn’t correspond to my original name. Pi core team allowed me to use it that way then. Now, I have done the KYC, but I’m stuck, because my name doesn’t correspond with the original name on my digital NIN

    1. The latest article from the Pi team is that everyone stuck in the KYC process has started receiving approval or an access to begin their application process anew.

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