How to Land a job as a Professional Social Media Manager

Many small businesses have gone online and need the help of a Social Media Manager or Marketer to build their online presence. Unfortunately, many who desire to build a career in this area are never hired. What could be the problem?

In this article, I present the 7 things you have probably been doing wrong, as well as tell you what you have to do to improve your chances of landing that Social Media Manager job you have been seeking.

A social media manager or marketer as you have come to know is a person who a company or an entity hires to build their online presence. Businesses have gone social and need to maintain their followers by posting regularly. Since not every company can achieve this feat, they need to hire someone who would manage their online profile. But to what aim? To make sales.

A social media marketer manages a company’s social media handles by creating content for the business or company consistently. She creates posts, generate leads, clicks and run promotions for the company from time to time to generate sales.

If you have been struggling to land a job as a Social Media Manager, or you want to land a job as a Social Media Manager, you should read this article to the end.

Below are the 7 things you are probably doing wrong and what you should do to get your next job as a Social Media Manager

#1. Increase Your Following

The first thing a prospective client would look for when hiring a social media manager is your followers. How many followers do you have on IG and Twitter? One of the reasons a business owner or company would hire you as their manager is to grow their followers by posting attractive contents.

A lot of people today, make the mistake of advertising on Facebook Ads to call attention on prospects as a social media manager without growing their followers or following. Once a client spots your Ads, he would go straight to your profile and see the number of followers you have. If you have a few number of say 100 and below, he would probably lose interest except he is a novice.

An experienced person cannot trust you to manage his account without seeing some evidence of your proficiency; how you have been able to manage yours/others. You might have great content to attract clients, but you won’t win their hearts.

So next time, before you think of placing that advert, grow your following.

2. Feed

You know; being a social media manager is actually way cooler than you think, and if you can just be creative and patient you are going draw some true followers. Your IG account is like a mini blog or website and by just looking at your feed your audience can tell who you are. Your feed is your personality. It tells if you are funny, creative, organized, witty or innovative. Your feed describes you. It describes what you do. That small space tells everything about you.

Your feed should look attractive, catchy and appealing to the eyes. Depending on what you do, make sure you can attract visitors with what you post. KatCoroy a Design Geek and Instagram Teacher always emphasizes on drawing your true tribe through your feed. This is what KatCoroy calls the power of discovering your Brand Soul Essence. The feelings you make your audience feel about your brand. Being unique will help you with your marketing.

#3. Content

What content do you post? Content comes in different forms: images, tests, infographics, podcasts and videos. You can repost your contents in a different format or simply curate content.
I have seen how people who are creative grow large numbers of followers within a short time. You can win people’s heart by posting what they love. Ensure you develop quality content topics to reach the company’s target customers.

Start by asking yourself: what usually attracts me to someone’s post and makes me follow them? If You Want To Create Contents That Will Make You Irresistible on Instagram See : 6 Tips ON How To Create Content.

#4. Post Frequently

You often hear the phrase, ‘Content is King and Consistency is Queen’. If you must grow your following, maintain your existing followers and make sales, then you absolutely must post regularly. Organize yourself by preparing a content calendar. Remember a social media manager manages campaign and day to day activities of the brand.

Use the insight on IG and Twitter to know when your followers are online. You can get the days and time on these channels to get engagement. Use hashtags; trending hashtags will always give you the reach you desire especially on Twitter. But don’t abuse them. Some hashtags are specific for a cause.

Share your knowledge on certain Information. Provide value. Curate content if possible. Create a website. One way people can find you and learn more about your product is if you have a website. Sharing information to your audience will make them fall in love with you. Ke_Square a social media manager and teacher has drawn so many people to her by using this concept.

#5. Technical Skills

Growing followers comes with a big responsibility. As a social media manager, you have to have the necessary tools used in creating nice contents. Mobile phones just cannot deliver optimally. You need to have graphic designing skills so that you can create or post pictures yourself when there is a deadline or when the graphic designer disappoints.

For a social media manager who is just starting, you can create good contents using Canva. It is less expensive. There are other third party apps you can use to edit and post pictures: Snapseed and Light Room are a few examples. They make appealing photos for your feeds, however, they come with a great cost.

6 . Personalize your Brand

Make sure you personalize your brand. Let people know what you do. Let them associate you with something. On my blog, a frugal lifestyle blog, I give finance tips to women, but I also write about other content that I know my audience love reading. Something of value: Health and lifestyle, my opinions of current events, and more.

#7. Lastly, Be Active on Other Social Media Platforms

Your client would also be interested in knowing if you have other platforms you manage. Being active on other platforms give you the knowledge on how to navigate around the different social media channels with ease. Your clients cannot be on social media and you are nowhere to be found.

Growing followers take time and effort. It can be pretty difficult to grow followers on Instagram but you will only if you are patient. Establish customer relationship. Always reply them when they send messages.

Having worked on the above steps, you can now start applying for a social media manager job.

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