Satoshi Coin: All You Need to Know

Satoshi coin is a very popular coin in the crypto space of today; and its popularity is curious because its very existence is designed to be a matter of curiosity.

This Coin is designed to draw upon the name and popularity of Satoshi Nakamoto is the name of the person who designed bitcoin; the first and most successful crypto currency. Satoshi Nakamoto is also suspected to be the pseudonym of the person or group of persons who designed bitcoin.

About Satoshi Coin

Satoshi Coin's logo

It is a meme coin; it is available on most exchanges and crypto trading apps. As at the time of writing this post, this Coin has a trading range of between $0.0002674 / $0.0002743.

Satoshi Coin is shitcoin; a memecoin with no value or use case scenario, other than pumping and dumping.

It is designed to gain popularity with its name being similar to Satoshi (also called sats) which is the decimal value of bitcoin.

Does Satoshi Coin Have Any Bearing On Bitcoin?

Other than that name, it has nothing to do with Bitcoin or Satoshi Nakamoto; if Satoshi or his group had made their identity public they could have had legal issues with the creators of this coin, and with creators of all other coins using the name of Satoshi Nakamoto in ways that may be harmful.

Is Satoshi Coin a Good Investment?

Like Pi Coin, one may wonder if this coin is a good investment. While it is imperative to note that the issuance of financial advice should be left to the professionals; it must be said that anyone who thinks of Satoshi Coin as a good investment needs urgent answers.

A coin that has no use cases, no value, and solves nothing can hardly be said to have any basic fundamentals. Satoshi coin has none of these things; and therefore it has nothing upon which any capital gains can be based.

Therefore this is a bad investment in the long term; and any price increases seen presently will most likely be a flash in the pan; followed by steep decline.

What Can I Use Satoshi Coin For?

Satoshi coin is not accepted by any major online marketplaces; and as such its uses are limited to exchange between willing parties on a person to person basis; and the pump and dump trading for which shitcoins have become well known.

Some insist that it can be used as a store of value; that is a very risky prospect in the long term, but some people are confident that they can pull it off.

Where Can I Buy Satoshi Coin?

It is available on major coin exchangers and trading apps; there are no special procedures necessary to obtain this coin. You just purchase it as you normally purchase other coins and crypto assets.

The question therefore is not whether you can buy Satoshi Coin; it is whether you should.

Should I Buy Satoshi Coin?

This is a very tricky question; our first impulse is to scream no! but that may be contrary to financial information you may have received from youre your paid expert. Therefore; unless you have received information assuring you of some price coming price increases backed by fundamentals; then the answer is no; do not it.

Many newbies have been lured by the very low prices of shitcoins, and fooled into thinking that the prices will go high simply because they are low.

But low is a relative term; something can only be high or low compared to its inherent value. Shitcoins that have no value are therefore high even when they sell for $0.00001. Therefore, a shitcoin like Satoshi Coin is quite high at its current prices, and has a very long way to fall.

Unless one has received convincing information indicating that a price increase is imminent, it would amount to a waste of time and money to purchase such a coin.

Satoshi Coin: The Bottom Line

We end this post with a friendly reminder that Satoshi coin has nothing to do with the original bitcoin or its founder. Satoshi coin is a shitcoin; a copy based purely on a name- furthermore, it is a very poor copy.

There several other copies that base their ventures on the good name of Satoshi nakamoto; and this unbridled plagiarism is a cause for concern.

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