Grace Ofure shares her story of how she went from selling Palm Oil and Okirika (used clothes) to becoming a Multi- Millionaire.
Grace Ofure is the CEO/Managing Director of Lifecard International Investment Limited, a Real Estate Investment Company in Nigeria.

Her Story:
Before she established her company, Grace was into the Okirika and Palm Oil business she sold with her mother because she wanted to assist her husband. One day, she met an old classmate who told her about real estate investment. Convinced by what she heard, she decided she would invest.

However, Grace didn’t have the money needed to invest in such a business. This would have been a stumbling block for her, but she made a decision that changed her life. She ran to some of her friends and told them about the investment. They too were convinced.

Smart idea, isn’t it? So, all of them added up their little savings, and this amounted to the sum of money required to invest. Brilliant decision!

A few years later, Grace was surprised on how much her money appreciated. Her friends shared this money among themselves. Grace reinvested her, while she pursued a career in Real Estate.
After years of acquiring sufficient knowledge from the Pro in Real Estate, Grace became a Pro herself. She established her own Real Estate Company in 2017.

Her company is called the Lifecard International Investment Limited. The company is currently constructing and managing some Projects-The Spring Apartment, a hotel-style first class luxury residential apartment.

Grace teaches Real Estate Investment on Instagram and Facebook every Monday for an affordable price. She helps real estate investors grow their money by recommending the best real estate deals. You can learn more about her class by clicking on this link or her company

5 Reasons We Should All Invest In Real Estate:
It is a reliable wealth creation.
It is a reliable wealth of retention.
It has incremental possibilities.
It appreciates with little effort on the investors.
It is a lifetime value.

We are inspired by Mrs Grace Ofure’s story. Her story has opened our eyes to ways we can overcome certain obstacles to success. If you are not interested in real estate investments, you can enquire about other businesses to invest.

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