Covid 19: 18 People Killed by Law Enforcement Agencies.

At least 18 people have been killed by security forces during the enforcement of lockdown to control the pandemic in Nigeria.

The enforcement agencies have caused more death than the Covid 19. According to Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) the country has confirmed.

Coronavirus violates quarantine: 18 people killed in Nigeria ...

The National Human Rights Commission said in a report released on Wednesday that it has received and documented “105 complaints of incidents of human rights violations perpetuated by security forces” in 24 states including Abuja.

It also said “there were eight documented incidents of extra judicial killings leading to 18 deaths.”

Nigerian security kill 18 people in attempt to control coronavirus ...Eight of those killed were by correction officers in Kaduna State, seven were killed by the police and the army were responsible for two killings. A local vigilante in the southwest was responsible for killing one person.

Nigerian security forces kill 18 during curfew enforcement ...The commission has accused the security agents of “excessive or disproportionate use of force, abuse of power, corruption and non adherence to national and international laws, best practices and rules of engagement.”

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