About 2,036 Confirmed COVID19 Cases have not been picked from the Community to the Isolation Centers–Health Commissioner

The Honorable Commissioner of Health, Professor Akin Abayomi has disclosed that about 2,036 COVID19 cases were confirmed in Lagos within the last two weeks.

Prof. Abayomi informed newsmen during a Press briefing this afternoon, July 23.

The commissioner also said that the 2,036 confirmed cases have not been picked up from the community to the Isolation centre for various reasons including preference for home treatment and wrong information.

He also intimated the state about the home based care program for asymptomatic patients.

“In the next couple of days we will formally activate the home based care program for asymptomatic COVID19 cases. We will manage the asymptomatic cases through Eko Tele Medicine,” he said.
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So far, 13,543 cases have been confirmed in Lagos State. About 2,036 active Covid19 cases in community. Admitted Covid19 positive cases are 2,476.

Recovery in the community are 9,066, while 2,075 cases have been discharged from isolation centers. Number of deaths is 192.

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