“You don’t need to defend me,” Angela Nwosu Advises Loyal Fans

Popular controversial influencer and business woman, Angela Nwosu responds to critics in a video on Facebook.

In this video, Angela addressed her “loyal fans” to block whoever talks bad about her or her business on Facebook.

Recall that a Facebook user made a post yesterday in which she denounced Angela.

The lady who claimed she was once a big supporter of Angela claimed she was disillusioned after she found out who Angela was.

In addition, she claimed that Angela’s blue eye bracelets were fake and gave one bad luck.

Angela who said she has always been on the news since January, 2020 due to the hypocrisy of her fans told her loyal followers to ignore the news.

“Do I look like I am not bothered?” she asked. “Be silent and keep quiet. Let them believe what they want. You don’t need to defend me,” she advised her genuine fans.