Google Search Updates Become More Human

We have finally seen Google search updates that are designed to make searching for information on the internet a more human affair.

Many have watched with horror over the years, as the internet has become a more cluttered mess. One of the disadvantages of SEO is that it prioritizes Search Engine Robots above humans.

In other words, humans have been reading stuff made for robots. Therefore, they are gradually becoming robots themselves. But perhaps all that can change now; humans can become humans again, thanks to Google’s recent changes. How?

How Have Google’s Search Updates Become More Human?

Google released an update to its algorithm in March 2024, which brought a lot of changes to the way people see information on the web. It also raised awareness—for the first time—about the dangers of AI.

The dangers are still there; AI may one day destroy the world as we know it. But with this update, Google has postponed that apocalypse – shifted back the hands of that doomsday clock.

Google’s March 2024 updates specifically target AI-generated content. Some websites produce tons of AI-generated content with the mindset of “the more, the merrier.” They therefore got all the traffic – leaving none for the small guys.

This is especially true because Google used to rank pages as authorities on search terms according to how much-related content they had—that is, how many articles or videos they had on that particular subject matter.

The result is low-quality content, full of big words, flying all over the place. There are no facts, no examples, no compassion, no conscience, and no desire to impart anything positive to the reader.

With Google bringing down the hammer on this type of content, the internet has been shattered but is immediately rearranging itself again.

What does this Mean for Business?

Well, if your blog or business has seen a dip in traffic, then it means that you have been doing something wrong. In every war, there are a few innocent casualties, so if you are one of the good guys, these are the things to keep in mind.

No AI-generated Content

The issue of AI-generated content choking cyberspace and filling up search results has already been discussed. It must be said that using this kind of content automatically makes you an enemy of Google.

Remember that Google makes several updates to its algorithms every year. This one is significant because it marks a change in direction. However, several updates will be made in that new direction soon.

That means, if you have used AI in the past, or are planning to use it now, you are not safe, even if your website has not been hammered. The war on AI content is just starting, and there is going to be a lot of blood. The next point is similar; it is not about the content but the audience.

Produce for Human Audience

As mentioned in the introduction to this post, people have formed a habit of tailoring their content for acceptance by search engine robots, with little regard for human beings. This new Google search update is a massive shift.

The official Google website states categorically that one of the objectives of this update is to remove from search results all content “that looks like they were made for search engines.”

Therefore, even if the content is written by a human being, if it is not written with human beings in mind, then it is going to be hammered.

To avoid being hammered, therefore, the content must be something that a human being can relate to. It must be written in the type of language that people on earth use.

You Have to be Original

Your business will have to find ways to relate to readers. Original content that they cannot find anywhere else, has always been.

Google Search Updates: The Bottom Line

Humans are a very difficult species to manage; they will ultimately find a way to manipulate these new updates from Google. But there are many advantages to just following the rules and doing SEO the right way.   

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