Reno Omokri Mocks El-Rufai

Nigerian Author and Humanitarian, Reno Omokri has come out openly to criticize Kaduna State Governor, El-Rufai for accusing the Almajiris of spreading the Covid-19 in the North.

Recall that on Wednesday May 6th, 2020, El-Rufai who is determined to end the Almajiri System told Channels Television that, ‘The Almajiri system has to end because it has not worked for the children, it has not worked for Northern Nigeria and it has not worked for Nigeria.’

Reno wrote in a tweet on Thursday May 7th, 2020, in his verified Twitter handle:

‘I laugh at Governor El Rufai who is now complaining that almajiris are spreading CoronaVirus all over the North and saying they want to end the practice.’

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‘This is the same man who mocked Good Luck Ebele Jonathan for building 165 almajiri schools.’

‘Reap what you sowed!’ he said.

Former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, seeing the level of illiteracy in the North, where children known as almajiri were harassing the populace, had come up with an ideal of building almajiri schools, to reduce street begging and integrate basic primary education in the almajiri system.

Many criticized him saying it was a strategy to win the hearts of Northerners so as to win his re-election. When he left office, the project was abandoned.

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