Gov. Hope Uzodimma Signs Two Bills Into Law

On Friday May, 8th 2020, the Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodimma signed two bills into law – The Waste Management Agency Law and the Land Use Act.

The governor also ordered a revalidation of all Certificates of Occupancy in Imo state.

The Land Use Charge bill amongst other things clears the air on whose duty it is to pay Land Use charges.

Governor Hope Uzodimma said: ‘It proposes that any occupier of a land to up most 10 years should pay the Land use Charges whether he or she is the owner of the land or not.

‘For less than 10 years, the owner of the land pays the Land use charges and not the occupier.

‘Secondly, due to petitions by citizens of the State who alleges that their lands were forcefully taken from them by people in high places, this law empowers the Government to recertify all Certificates of Occupancy issued to land owners to ascertain the rightful owners of the lands.

‘All lands acquired especially through allocations will equally be reviewed to ascertain it’s legality.

‘With the law in place, nobody will forcefully take anybody’s land without due process.’

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