Why No Social Distancing Inside Oyo Micras

May I ask the powers that lifted the lock-down and ban on interstate movement what they are doing to ensure that Oyo citizens do not contract the deadly Corona Virus by patronizing Micras?

One can understand that the relaxation of the partial lockdown was necessary since many had run out of money to live on, having had their businesses closed down for weeks.

Anyone living in Oyo, and who often patronizes commercial vehicles would attest to the fact that most drivers just do not believe that there is Covid19. So, they neglect to take any precaution against the disease; they overcrowd their vehicles, thus endangering their lives, and those of their passengers.

I just pity Oyo citizens, including myself, whose daily businesses cannot be carried out without making use of the services of these drivers and their taxis. It is a problem that needs urgent solution because it could increase the number of Covid19 infections in the state.

I am aware that our governor is a reasonable person; he listens to advice. Please, somebody should advise him to deploy uncompromising law enforcement agencies (not the police I see running after motorcycles for N50) that will ensure that these vehicle operators are not overcrowding or over loading their vehicles, at this critical point in time.

Passenger’s spacing must be fully observed, because NCDC recommends that at least 2m (5ft) distance is required between anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness.

This executive solution will ensure that the people of Oyo are protected.

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