How to Apply for Pi KYC Verification

The wait is finally over. PI miners in Nigeria can now apply for KYC verification.

On March 16th, Pi Network announced via their verified Twitter handle to miners all over the world that they are releasing the KYC solution to pioneers on a large scale. Prior to this period, only some selected countries could verify their pi account. However, this announcement opened way for more countries, including Nigeria to join the validation process.

Applying for KYC verification is a requirement to transfer your PI coin to the mainnet account.

Miners are encouraged to validate their KYC to ensure the integrity of the PI network.

In this article, I will take you through the 6 steps you must follow to complete your KYC verification process. As you must have learned, you will need the PI browser to start the application process.

Before you continue, if you would like to verify your Nigerian Phone number on Pi Network, follow this link to see how.

What is Pi Browser

Pi Browser is a different mobile app by Pi Core Team; it intends to provide a decentralized web experience through more Pi Apps and Utilities in the future.

Pi KYC Verification Requirements in Nigeria

If you are a PI miner who would like to do his KYC in Nigeria, you need the following before you can proceed with your verification:

PI browser (Download the browser on Playstore)

Valid means of identification. Your valid means of identification could be your International Passport, Driver’s license or NIN. (Preferably Passport)

Enter your name. This should be the name on your valid means of identification.

You will need to take two clear pictures of your face on the app in good lighting condition.

How to Know if You are Eligible for Pi KYC Verification

The Pi app will notify you if you are eligible for verification. Look for a pop-up in the mining app when you are eligible.

The notification message for eligibility is similar to the Screenshot below:

A screenshot of Pi KYC verification eligibility message

How to do Pi KYC Verification in Nigeria

Now, follow the steps below to proceed with your KYC verification process in Nigeria. However, you must be eligible for KYC verification in Nigeria to start the process.

Step 1

Go to your PI app and click on the Menu button. Scroll down to PI browser and click on it. It will automatically take you to Playstore. Click on download, install and access the Pi Browser. This should automatically sign you into your account inside the Pi Browser app, where you can proceed with your verification, create the mobile Pi Wallet or access other Pi apps, e.g. Chats and Brainstorm.

A screenshot of Pi Browser

Step 2

Take a photo of your ID (passport, Driver’s license or ID card) your information on the identification card must be visible.

Step 3

Next, fill out a form with details that match your identification card.
This includes your name, date of birth and the expiration card on your identification card. If your identification card has no expiration date, you can indicate that it does not by clicking on the box just below the area for ID expiration date.

Step 4

The next step is identity confirmation. Take pictures of your face in good lighting condition and click on next.

Step 5

The next step is the payment option. Since the KYC verification was outsourced to a third-party company, miners are expected to pay one PI and would be charged once their PI is transferred to the PI Mainnet.

Click on Submit.

Now, wait for your application to be processed. When your application is approved, you will receive a notification like the one below:

Pi KYC verification approval message.

How Long Does Pi KYC Application Process Take

Now that you have successfully completed your application process you are wondering how long it would take for your application to be processed.

Well, Pi KYC application process usually takes between 16 hours to 4 days depending on the number of people who applied and the type of identification card you used.

Abd if you have applied for KYC and it’s taking too long, you can seek a redress here.

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118 Responses

  1. Hi, can I use my Voter’s card? I know you didn’t mention it but I feel it should be ine of the acceptable ID since it’s a valid means of identification in Nigeria.

    1. No, Shola. It’s not advisable. People who have used it complained that they never received any notification approval.

      1. Why KYC aren’t given to those of us who has been mining for years now but to the new miners?
        I need KYC invitation, my invitation code Nnejisamson16

        1. I sympathize with you, Nneji. It must have been an error with the system. Try and contact their customer care.

  2. I have been trying, to get KYC but, the were telling, the slot is available now, I should try again.
    What should I do now.

    1. If they say the slot isn’t available, then it isn’t available. You have to wait until the next slot opens.

        1. I have submitted my kyc since last two months ago but still under review in progress what should I do

      1. Am one of those that did kyc for d first time since last year but no approval, I use Lyon nin

        1. I use my nin black and white paper with my photo on it… But it’s still pending for months now.
          Please Goodness help what do i do

          1. Wrong choice of ID. Send them a mail to cancel. Check my latest post: How to get Pi KYC slot for more details.

      1. Hi, I mistakenly pressed back button before submitting documents for KYC verification. Now I am not getting any option to resubmit my documents (KYC verification option is spinning and not pressable). What should I do now?

  3. Good day voters card I used I was not given feed back it’s stand still even now I can’t procced to recieve reply so how can I restart the kyc

  4. please I have been trying to verify my kyc on pi network but they are telling me that kyc slot is not available, what should I do?.

  5. I really want to get pi k y c so that I can sell my pi for orders to to buy from me and I will be there closer comsto man

  6. I used the NIN for My KYC and my status is still in review for about 2-3 months… Does it usually take this long…?

      1. If I have used NIN and it taking longer than expected can’t I reapply but there is no provision for that I have been waiting for so long now saying kyc review in progress for the past 5 months now why, can’t there be another way out, please help it has taken too long.

        1. The only thing you can do now is to wait.
          Or you can reach out to the customer care line. They should be able to rectify it. 5 months is too long to wait.

  7. I used the NIN for My KYC and my status is still in review for about 2-3 months… Does it usually take this long…?
    What’s the way forward to reverse and redo the process again because there’s no provision for that. Thanks

  8. I have been trying, to get KYC but, they were telling me the slot is not available now, I should try again.
    What should I do next?

  9. Hello there!
    I’ve done my kyc since last year June and they are yet to verify it and I don’t understand at all.
    I keep on checking it and its still the same.

    1. I totally understand. Many pi pioneers whose verifications are still pending would start getting their results from this year.

  10. So i will be charged 1Pi but how much is that in £, how much money is going to leave my bank account and when?

    1. You just have to wait for more slots to be opened. Hopefully you will get access this January. I am publishing a post this week on what you can do while you wait. Keep an eye on this blog.

  11. Have done all the necessary registration have done my KYC registration finished and have done my validation finished, but its saying i should wait for new validation, pls what that’s mean?

  12. So bored. Almost all my referrals with less mined Pi’s have been KYC verified and their mined Pi’s migrated to the Mainnet, while I’m still waiting for the KYC invitation.
    I am worried. Please advise on what to do.

  13. Mine was not approved but it’s is still showing kyc processing on the pi browser. How do I cancel and restart the process?

  14. I’ve applied for the KYC application for almost a year now it’s not successful whenever I checked, it’s still processing. I need help on that.

      1. Thanks for your article.

        Kindly provide me with how to take a photo of my ID (int’l passport, national ID, or driver’s license)?

  15. Good day. The problem that I’m having is that while I was filling the kyc form, as I was about uploading my international passport, I mistakenly pressed the back key and it automatically submitted without I uploading my passport, taking photograph and all and it’s presently showing “under review”
    I don’t know what to do

  16. I have not been invited for KYC verification o have almost 800pi but no KYC verification slot available I don’t know why 😪

    1. Hello, I need you to be patient with them. They are working on it. Be rest assured that it’s be rectified soon.

    1. The KYC popup notification should not be used as the only means by which Pioneers know whether they are eligible to start KYC application or not, although they will likely get a “KYC slot” popup. Pioneers should directly check their KYC eligibility on the KYC app in the Pi Browser (KYC.PI). You can simply open the Pi Browser and navigate to the KYC application. Please use the popup notification as a reminder rather than an invitation.

  17. Please how do i get verified? I applied 2 years back and up till date i have still not be verified. I made used of voters card if this be the delay how do i get another slot so i can do the proper verification and get my KYC done

  18. I did my kyc since 2 months now, but it’s still bringing review in progress.

    Hope nothing is wrong? Could it be an error, or it takes so long like this?

      1. Please have been trying to upload my Nin in my pi KYC but keep on telling me the extraction of my face I’d failed, please help out

        1. That’s because the AI can’t identify your face. The photo on NIN usually isn’t clear. I don’t recommend NIN. Use another ID.

  19. Hello I’m toheeb Yusuf lekan from Nigeria Lagos island I’m not yet verification my KYC since I’m mining pi network please help me on this issues on getting Me invite to KYC verification. this is my account I’d:Teebag007 I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  20. Am eligible for kyc but mine keeps giving me message.waiting for (validators in your region) for months now.what do I do?

  21. I have NIN slip. Can I use the slip?

    And what’s the difference between premium national id card and standard national id card??

  22. Please do I have to do KYC verification firstly before I download my wallet?

    Then secondly I can’t create Wallet, its almost 2 weeks now. What might be the issue

    1. Yes, you have to. Send them a mail. Check my latest post on How to get Pi KYC slot for more details.

  23. Good morning madam. Please I have my NIN but it is in the form of a laminated slip. Both the Tracking ID and the NIN are legible, and my full name is ordered correctly as it is in my Pi network account. Can I be permitted to utilise the NIN slip for KYC?

  24. Hello.. I’ve been trying to do my KYC but the browser tells me the picture on my NIN is an issue. But it’s visible enough. What do I do please?

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