The 2020 Election will be totally rigged if Mail-In Voting is allowed to take place– Trump

The president of America, President Donald Trump has again expressed his gut about the 2020 election schedule to take place in November.

Trump said in Twitter on Sunday, July 26, that if the Mail-In voting takes place, the election would be rigged.

He said: “The 2020 Election will be totally rigged if Mail-In Voting is allowed to take place, & everyone knows it.”

Also, President Trump based his argument on the recent Mail-In voting corruption in Paterson, New Jersey in which hundreds of mail-in ballots were found in a mailbox in Paterson and in a mailbox in Haledon.

“So much time is taken talking about foreign influence, but the same people won’t even discuss Mail-In election corruption. Look at Patterson, N.J. 20% of vote was corrupted!” he said.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced voters to mail in their ballots, as voting sites are no longer open.

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Michael Jackson, 48, and Mendez, 45, were charged with fraud in casting mail-in votes, unauthorized possession of ballots, tampering with public records and falsifying or tampering with records, according to the statement. Mendez was additionally charged with election fraud and false registration or transfer.

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