Understanding Fast Fashion

Fast fashion examples are everywhere; they are just too well disguised, and as such, their victims fail to recognize them. Victims hardly realize that they are victims; in many historical cases where people are exploited, they hardly know what is happening to them.

One would have never imagined that fashion companies would exploit their own customers – yet here we are! Clothing companies have developed a dark and evil side; something with which they destroy lives and the environment. Something called fast fashion.

Fast fashion means fashion that is designed to be replaced quickly. The company gets richer, and the customer gets poorer.

Examples Of Fast Fashion Brands


Shein is a Chinese clothing company that is based in Singapore. The company has seen a dramatic rise in relevance, and in its market share – especially in the western markets.

Shein is quite resourceful; it has developed a system of marketing its products using micro-influencers. This is very efficient; it is almost like word-of-mouth marketing; selling directly to the hearts and minds of its audience.

Shein is also prolific; it produces new designs every week. There is always something fresh whenever you visit their website.

However, in order to accommodate something new, something old has to give way. Shein aims at getting rid of old clothes as quickly as possible; a thing which it achieves by putting together low-quality materials, with terrible stitching. The clothes look good, but they tear to pieces before long.


GAP is an American fashion brand that is a classic example of a fast fashion brand. In the past, this company has been called out for its unethical business practices; such as paying its workers slave wages.

It doesn’t seem to care; its latest crime against humanity involves making clothes that wear out after a few wears, thus forcing the customer to return to the store for a fresh purchase.


Zara is a Spanish company that has gained notoriety for its fast fashion practices; which have seen it make a lot of money, and expand its business at the expense of its customers. Zara is one of the biggest names in the fashion business by turnover.

If fast fashion becomes extinguished today, Zara is one of the companies expected to take a severe hit.

Old Navy

Old Navy is an American clothing company which is owned by the clothing giant GAP. The company is a giant in its own right; it has 1,142 locations and makes more than $4 billion in revenue.

However, the money is made by selling rubbish quality items that do not last, therefore forcing the customers to buy fresh items as soon as possible.


Primark is a clothing company that is based in Ireland. This company is present in major cities across the world; including the USA, Ireland, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Spain, The Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, and Italy.

Primark has become one of the biggest money-making fashion brands, but that money is made at the cost of quality. The brand is not associated with quality; instead, it is known for selling clothes that tend to fall apart shortly after being bought.

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is an American company that is an uncanny example of a fast fashion brand. It is uncanny because, unlike most other fast fashion businesses; it mostly operates online; with just about 5 physical stores.

The company uses affiliate marketing on social media to generate sales, and sometimes it also enlists celebrities. Workers in the factories get terrible pay, and the clothes don’t last at all.


Guess is an American clothing company that makes fast fashion items as well as quality items, thus confusing most industry watchers. Nevertheless, the presence of shoes that peel off once they come in contact with water is enough to convince us that this is a greedy company that doesn’t care about its customers.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a fashion brand that is based in the USA, and other countries. This company produces women’s clothing, men’s clothing, footwear, housewear, activewear, home décor products, and many other things. This is actually a conglomerate that supplies many of the things people need.

Unfortunately, the company chooses to engage in fast fashion; producing clothes that wear out too quickly. 


Aeropostale is a retail business that produces its own clothes for sale. The business model is a good one because the company keeps its profits, rather than turning the money over to designers. However, the business is fumbling because this company engages in fast fashion to the point where it even looks stupid.


Mango is a Spanish fast fashion brand that seems to be printing money at the moment. It makes men’s wear, women’s wear, and accessories. The company regularly features celebrities in its advertising, and this has helped spread the brand and business.

Unfortunately, the brand and business is all about fleecing people by selling them clothes that are not designed to last.

Other Fast Fashion Brands to Know Include:






Rip Curl

Forever 21

Effects Of Fast Fashion

A woman wearing shoes as an example of fast fashion.

Fast fashion has many terrible effects. It promotes a culture of wastefulness; the time when people handed down clothes to younger ones seems to have passed. Clothes have very little value these days and cannot be given to younger ones, children, or even the poor. They are just wasted because they are designed to be faulty.

Fast fashion is harmful to the environment. Clothes that are made this year, just end up in landfills the very next year. They pollute the environment, including the water – causing all kinds of problems for wildlife.

Fast fashion is detrimental to the economy. Not the economy of the corporations that rake in billions for selling junk; fast fashion is bad for the finances of the people. When people are forced to return to the stores the very next month, they cannot save anything from their paychecks; and they all fall into poverty.

Affordable Non-Fast Fashion Brands

Not everything that is cheap has to be junk. There are some cheap, non-fast-fashion brands out there, that can offer good quality at a lower price.


Jack & Jones

Buck Mason



As a matter of fact, the most renowned fashion brands can be affordable if one knows how to shop. That much is explained in the article linked below.

Quality Clothes May Be Cheaper

10 Times African Fashion Conquered The World

Thrift Business: All You Need To Know

Clothes used to be something valuable; something worth cherishing and keeping. There is no reason why a father cannot pass down something valuable, or why an older sibling cannot pass down clothes to the younger ones.

Fast fashion is the enemy; it is cancer slowly (or fast) eating away at this culture. The only thing to do is to avoid it—to make it unprofitable for the makers.

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