Uproar in IMO State as Uzodimma Condemns Crude Oil Exploration

The governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodimma on Tuesday May 5th, condemned the action of the crude oil exploration companies in some parts of the state.

He said, ‘It is a source of disappointment, the activities of the crude oil exploration companies in the areas surrounding the Adapalm Oil mill /plantation at Ohaji-Egbema, such as the encroachment of the land of the Palm-Oil plantation.

‘It is a sad development that the exploration companies have fallen about 6000 fruits-yielding palm trees in the process of expanding their exploration domain.’

Uzodimma condemned the drilling of crude oil against the production of palm oil due to current rise in the price of palm oil in the International market.

‘Currently in the International market, the price of palm-oil is higher than that of crude oil. So any activity that involves the drilling of crude oil at the expense of palm oil production is highly unacceptable and condemnable.

‘Going forward, partnership is proposed as the way forward for the oil companies and their host communities in order that the State can benefit from the natural resources in Imo State.

‘The Government will fashion out a win-win situation where a methodology will be put in place to ensure the palm oil mill/ plantain will be running as well as the crude oil exploration without one affecting the other adversely.

‘All over the world, technologies are advanced to ensure crude oil are produced in cost effective ways, where the oil companies and host communities are happy and mutually beneficial to one another. The Government will explore that approach.

‘We will engage management of the oil companies for a win-win arrangement that will accommodate every interest.’

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