5 Coded and Crazy Ways Men Cheat Without you Suspecting

Being unfaithful remains an unpleasant feature of relationships today; men seem to cheat like they get some kind of kick from it. We may agree that it seems to be a part of their genetic make up, but some men actually do it like they hope to win some kind of award from it.

While some men betray their women rather openly, without any respect for their partners, other men go to great lengths to cover up their sexual adventures. They could do this because they do not want to hurt their women, or because of the harm it could do to their reputations.

It is for this second group of men; the coded cheaters-or rather, their victims that this post is written.

5 Coded Ways Men Cheat, the Signs to Look out for and how to Catch them Red Handed

  1. At Work

We are all familiar with the old ‘I am working late’ excuse. This is so old they wouldn’t even use it on a Hollywood movie anymore. But it still works, and men still use this excuse to cheat because employers continue to demand insane hours from their workers.

So, while it can be a honest excuse, it can also be a danger sign. Look at it this way: if your man’s job has previously demanded that he put in extra hours then he might be telling the truth. But if he suddenly starts spending extra hours at work, then something could be fishy. Something could be even more dangerously fishy if he has sexy female colleagues who look like they could want to play ball.

The Solution: Here is what you should do: call over at his office and ask for him. Make up some excuse about his cell phone not being available. Keep your ears open; if the office is busy you should hear the buzz of his coworkers moving about. If the phone rings without being answered, he is probably lying. And if his female secretary answers the phone just introduce yourself and listen to her tone. Silence can tell you more than any words.

2. At the Gym

It seems that men can only use the gym as an excuse to cheat on their women if these women are lazy. These days, Gyms are not just places to keep fit; they are places where muscular, fit guys come to meet sexy fit ladies. If you are not interested in fitness then you have no business dating or marrying a fitness buff because if you are not there with him in the gym another girl is going to cycle and wiggle her way into his arms.

In this case it is going to be rather difficult to suspect anything; prevention is just better than cure, but new gym wears every now and then could be a tell. It could be he is cheating.

The Solution: Sign up at the gym where he goes, and make sure you are there with him whenever he fits the gym. A man who loves a woman would like to help her improve herself. In this context we mean he should be happy to be your personal fitness coach. If he has a side dish over there that would probably end things between them. Please keep the enthusiasm going; you will not achieve anything if you tire out after a few visits to the gym.


3. Hanging out With his Bros

One crazy way men cheat is by using their friends. It is important to date a person for some time because that way you can familiarize yourself with his routine, preferences, and friends. Knowing a man’s friends is important because they usually reveal what kind of person he is on the inside. Even if a man is a great pretender, all his buddies can never be such good actors: one or two are bound to slip up; showing the kind of speech and behavior that your man is comfortable with.

If you are not familiar with his friends you have made it too easy for him to cheat on you. The fault is 90 percent yours.

The Solution: You can tackle this by getting dressed and going with him, or by gradually familiarizing yourself with his buddies. Ask him to invite his friends over so you can meet them. If you decide to go out with him however, it is important not to be fooled. Just because he takes you to a bar to share drinks and laughs with a bunch of guys doesn’t mean everything is okay.

Look out for signs that he is restless or uneasy. Someone could be angry with him somewhere; this may not have been where he wanted to go. If he suddenly wants to leave then your suspicions have pretty much proven true. If he keeps staring at his phone, keeps getting or sending messages, or if he seeks privacy to answer calls then you know something is wrong. Even if he gets the calls but does not answer them, it still means the same thing. He is cheating on you and nothing else.

The solution to solving this issue seems to be spending more quality time with your man. Keep in mind that you have kept her standing somewhere so you want to keep the momentum going, and hopefully frustrate her into leaving your man alone.

4. Going Out of Town

Going out of town for a few days is guy code for cheating out of town. Most men cheat with this trick all the time. No matter what the excuse might be; work related travel, travelling to visit family, or any other reason. This is always something to worry about.
Men sometimes take their side chicks with them on adventures to secret locations far from where they live so that they can fulfill their sexual fantasies in peace, without the risk of discovery by their loving wives.

Even when a man does not have a side chick, such travels can be exploited by devil incarnate women (could be his work mates) who flaunt their bodies, and throw themselves at men. What looks like a harmless fling today could be a paternity suit tomorrow.

If a man is truly going on a trip to visit with family members then it is only logical that he takes his better half. As a matter of fact he should be the one urging you to go with him. Any reluctance on his part smells of lies and deceit.

Even if he is travelling for work or business, it is his duty to request your presence, even if only as a courtesy.

The Solution: Offer to go with him. His response should tell you everything you need to know. If he tries to dodge this by citing the expense involved, you may counter him by offering to pay your way.

5. Religious Activities
You might call it weird and say it is totally unbelievable, but girly, today’s men use religious activities to cheat on their spouses. It would take a special kind of dirt bag to use God as an excuse to go for sex romps, but unfortunately, such dirt bags are too many to count. For example; did you hear about the Preacher who was caught on tape performing oral sex with a church member? Well, he was someone’s beloved and respected husband. This is not implying that your man is doing something similar; we are only saying when he becomes extra devoted all of a sudden, you may not have been as attentive as you ought to be because he just might be cheating.

The solution: The solution lies in you finding God too. It would amount to an unequal relationship if the two of you were not passionate about the same things. Therefore, whenever he is going out for his religious activities you simply have to go with him; not just to keep an eye on him, and ward off ungodly women- doing so will actually bring you two closer in a loving way.

Having seen the coded ways your man could possibly cheat on you or be cheating on you, you are now afforded two possible choices: You could try to catch him red handed, cause a scene, and worsen matters, or you could decide to fix your relationship with your partner. We prefer the latter, and is the reason why we have crafted the article in the way that we have.

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