Ugandans Laments as Museveni Extends Lockdown for 14 More Days

The President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni has extended the Lockdown down for 14 more days.

Recall that Museveni had previously extended the initial 14 days lockdown for 21 days so as to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. As a result only 89 people have been tested positive, 55 healed and discharged with no death recorded.

The president who is doing everything possible to make Uganda great again, spoke in a press conference, on Monday May, 4th.

‘Remembering that our survival core strategy is
around: agriculture, factories, construction, food
markets and shops; cargo transport and essential
services, in opening up, we should start with
measures that consolidate these.’

Sectors that have been allowed to operate:

  1. With agriculture continuing to function, we had
    correctly allowed the food markets to continue
    operating. Hence, those will continue. Some
    portion of agriculture was supplying hotels on
    account of tourism. That has, of course,
    suffered. However, given the high sickness levels
    abroad, we cannot risk to open the Airports or
    the land and water borders for passengers.
    Those that were supplying eggs, milk, etc., to
    hotels, should look for other opportunities. One
    very innovative Ugandan is now processing egg-
    yolk (omutorro) into egg powder, pasteurized egg
    yolk and egg white (orwiizi) into pastry cream for17
    baking, mayonnese and the ekishankara (egg
    shell) into highly nutritious porridge which is
    rich in calcium; and also turned into animal
    feeds. The milk producers are now processing
    milk into casseine (a protein for food
    supplements and baby foods), cheese, butter,
    ghee, etc.
  2. Since the factories have been open, they need
    whole sellers to buy their products. Accordingly,
    we shall allow the whole sellers to open.
    However, the whole-sellers will observe the social
    distancing rules. The seller must be two (2)
    meters from the customer (but should be
    protected with a mask) and the customers must
    be four (4) meters apart. The shops should not
    operate air-conditioning. They must be air-
    supplied by open windows and door-ways.
  3. Also allowed to open are the hardware shops so
    that they sell factory goods (cement,
    mitayimbwa, sengenge, paint, etc.), but also
    supply the construction sites.
  4. Since cargo trucks are moving and have been
    moving, they need mechanics to maintain them.
    Accordingly, we shall allow the opening of the
    repair workshops (garages).
  5. Also to be opened will be the metal and wood
  6. Insurance providers will be added to the list of
    essential services so that they can support the
    factories, the farms and the shops.
  7. The Uganda Law Society will be allowed a quota
    of 30 lawyers at any one time to provide urgent
    legal services to the different businesses and to
    handle urgent criminal matters like
  8. Restaurants will only be allowed to provide take-ways.
  9. Warehouses are vital for the storing of factory products; so they will be allowed.

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‘We have not yet thought it wise to allow either public or private passenger vehicles to operate. Therefore, we direct that the modes of all these people going to work should be as follows:

(i) Buses (either owned or hired by the employer);

(ii) Cycling to the work place by bicycle; or

(iii) Walking to the work place.’
‘All the other measures announced earlier will stay in place for another 14 days and we shall, then,review the situation just before the end of that period.’ Museveni added.

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