Getting Slime out of Clothes, Carpets, & Couch is a lot Easier with this Methods. See how!

Got dried slime or glue on your clothes, couch or carpets by mistake and you want to get rid of it? Don’t panic, I have got the solution to save your favourite dress and beautiful piece of furniture from SLIME. 

Some months back, I was watching some ninth grade children fix something they were doing with slime: a science practical. In this process of watching, one of the kids got too ‘excited’ and accidentally spilled some slime on my tee shirt. I didn’t know what to do, so I tried to clean up the slime with my hands. It was very sticky and had a lot of residue which dried up before I got home.

When I got home later that day, I quickly put the tee shirt inside my washing machine. After what seems like 30 minutes of washing, the slime was still there.  Well, that was how I ruin my favorite tee shirt. 

Please, do not put clothes with slime inside a washing machine. You will end up ruining that clothe rather than saving it. 

How do you get slime out of clothes and carpets? 

I found some solutions to this problem. I was speaking to a friend some weeks back and somehow, I chipped in the story I just related above. She said if I had called her, I wouldn’t have lost that tee shirt.  

So, what will remove slime out of clothes, carpets, curtains, couch or anything? 

My friend shared with me 2 ways to get slime out of clothes and carpets and some tricks to go around them. Funny enough, these things are what we can easily pick up from our kitchens. She said I could use either vinegar or acetone.

 Well, I wanted to be sure if these actually work, so I did my own experiments. I took my distilled vinegar from my cabinet and put it to good use. I have a carpet with an old dried slime stain on it. In the past, I have tried using a brush and even a sharp object to remove this slime after soaking it with water and soap for hours. The result was long hours of wasteful efforts. But when I poured a small portion of vinegar on it and allowed it to sit for 10 minutes, lo and behold it softened. And when I used my broken knife to scrape it, the dried slime came out without much stress.  

Also, I did an experiment with the wet slime I got from those kids. The vinegar didn’t disappoint. 

Having done my own practical, I can share with you these ways. Note: yours might take some time and effort to get  slime out of clothing when they get real sticky. 

How to get slime out of clothes using: 

White Vinegar 

You see, White distilled vinegar is a solution which is made up of 4% to 7% acetic acid. This alcohol made from fermented fruits is known as one of the most effective ways to dissolve slime.  

This kitchen item has been sitting on my kitchen cabinet for months.  I only knew vinegar was used for weight loss or for soaking organic vegetables so as to kill unwanted bacteria and chemicals. Surprisingly, vinegar is used for a whole lot more than I can share on this very article. It  can be used for cleaning and laundry. 

Just grab your white vinegar, pour on the spot or stain, and get to work. Scrub with the aid of a brush. It is as simple as that. Almost magical. 

Step 1 

Try to remove as many slime as possible from the clothes. Use a metal spoon or your fingers to scrape the slime out of the clothes. Doing this will aid your slime removing process. 

Step 2 

Poor the right quantity of vinegar on the clothe. The amount of vinegar you use is dependent on the amount of slime you are trying to dissolve. 

Step 3 

Allow vinegar to soak in for 5 minutes or until the slime is brittle. 

Step 4 

Place the clothing on a flat surface, perhaps a table or on the floor and scrub. I believe it is more comfortable to place clothing on a flat surface when scrubbing, plus it prevents the slime from spreading to other surface when removing. 

Step 5 

Soak clothes in  warm water with detergent and wash in a washing machine or with hand. 

Tips on how to use white vinegar to dissolve slime from clothes or carpets 

  • If you want vinegar to dissolve slime quickly, it is important that you use it immediately. When slime dries up, it is almost impossible to save your clothes. 
  •  Ensure you pour it on the stain immediately and without delay. 
  • Some recommend testing the vinegar on a small piece of the affected clothing just in case it bleaches. 

Like I said before, getting slime out of clothing might take time and effort, but if you follow my tips, you should be sure of a good result. However, if due to a number of reasons, you are unable to remove the slime from the clothe immediately when such mess occurs, use the method below. 

How to get dried slime out of clothes 

Just because slime gets dried  up on your dress before you find a remedy to it doesn’t mean your dress will be condemned. There is a solution for you if you can go about this method diligently. 

Step 1 

Scrape out the  dried slime carefully as possible using a knife.  

Step 2 

After scraping out the dried slime, pour some vinegar into a small bowl. A simple water scooper used in the bathroom will do. Dilute the vinegar with some liquid. Vinegar is made of 93-95% water, you need little or no water for this solution. 

Step 3 

Soak the slime stain of the clothe inside the vinegar and leave for about 10-20 minutes.  

Step 4 

When you see that the slime has dissolved, get to work. Remove the clothes from the solvent and scrub. But if the slime is stubborn and hasn’t dissolved after soaking for 20 minutes, add more vinegar into the bowl and leave for another 20 minutes. 

Step 4 

Remove clothes afterwards and scrub on a flat surface. 

Step 5 

 Soak in  warm water and wash in a washing machine. 

Getting dried slime out of clothes can be tedious. Sometimes, you might ruin your clothes in the process. To avoid such situation, remove slime while it is wet. 

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How to get slime or glue out of carpets using vinegar 

When slime spills on a carpet and is left to dry, it makes that beautiful piece of house furniture ugly. But stuff like this are bound to happen if you have kids who love to experiment or if you entertain guests a lot. If this is your case as a parent, expect that it will happen.  

How to remove wet slime out of carpets 

Step 1 

Start by removing the slime from the carpet. 

Step 2 

Pour vinegar on the slime stain and scrub with a hard brush. 

Step 3 

Allow carpet to dry. Dab the carpet with a dry towel/rag to soak up excess moisture. Allow the carpet to air dry. 

How to get dried slime out of carpets 

Step 1 

Start by wetting slime with liquid soap. 

Step 2 

Scrape the slime with a butter knife or a sharp object. 

Step 3 

Soak the slime stain in distilled vinegar for 30 to 40 minutes. Ensure that you spray vinegar on the stain every 10 minutes to keep the surface wet.  

Step 4 

Scrub slime stain with a hard brush after slime has dissolved. 

Step 5 

Allow carpet to dry. Dab the wet area of the carpet with a dry towel several times to remove excess moisture. 

How to get Slime or adhesive out of carpets and couch using: 

Nail Polish Remover 

If you love getting your nails done especially acrylic nails, you must have noticed that nail remover or pure acetone are put into good use when removing the chemical. 

Nail polish remover contains an active chemical called acetone which is used in removing acrylic nails. This chemical is effective for removing glue stains on carpets and couch. 

To remove adhesive from couch or carpets follow the steps below. 

Step 1 

Use a knife to scrape some of the glue or gum from the couch or carpet. 

Step 2 

Pour a generous amount of nail remover or pure acetone right on the spot where the glue is and leave for 10 minutes to soften. Make sure you soak the glue thoroughly in acetone/nail remover. 

Step 3 

Gently scrape the glue some more and pour some more solvent on it to dissolve. Depending on the stain, you may need a minimum of 0.12 liters of acetone. Repeat this process for as long as it takes to dissolve. 


  • Removing glue from couch takes time. Remember, during your appointment with your nail technician, nails are soaked off in small bowls filled with acetone to dissolve. Sessions like this last for about 40 minutes. That’s exactly how long it is to remove adhesive from couch. 
  • Removing adhesive forcefully also means removing some of the top layers of the couch. Be patient. 
  • Don’t worry, I found the best nail remover for this process: . 

Paraffin/lamp oil 

This petroleum product is actually efficient in removing glue stains from rugs, couch and hands. Just follow the procedures above on how to remove adhesive from couch.  

For stubborn slime or glue stains, you should seek for  professional assistance. However, these methods have worked well for many families. 

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