Succeed as a Digital Content Creator

Digital content creator is the buzzword (or buzz title) right now; and when something becomes a buzz, it tends to cause a bit of confusion. In this post, we clear up that confusion; we explain what it takes to become a digital content creator and succeed in this exciting field of work.

This can be a great way to make money, share your wealth of knowledge, and make an impact. The best part; it doesn’t even feel like work.

However, it is always good to count from 1 before jumping to 10. Let us start by detailing exactly what Digital Content Creators are, and what they do.

Who is a Digital Content Creator and How can I Become One?

A Digital Content Creator is anyone who makes stuff for use or consumption on the internet. Some of the content could be useful or educational, while others could be light and silly- something to help take the edge off for a while (which is also useful when you consider how much stress people pass through daily).

Digital Content could take different forms, it could be:

Written Content: Blog Posts, E-books, Tweets, Facebook Write-Ups, Inspirational Quotes
Pictorial Content: Infographics, Real Life Photos, Photojournalism, Memes, Baby Pictures, Photos With Quotes, Nature

Multimedia Content: Funny Skits, Real Life Bloopers, Instructional Videos, Random Videos

Sound Content: Podcasts, Motivational Recordings, Music, Preaching, Instructional Recordings

What do all the above types of content have in common? They can be consumed (read, listened to, watched, and shared) through digital devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and so on. If you produce content like any of those described above, you may already be a digital content creator; you just need to add some professionalism to it; to really make something out of it. The following paragraphs will explain how.

Choose your Form of Content

There has to be consistency in the form of content on posts; otherwise one would end up looking like the proverbial Jack of all trades, master of none. Being consistent in the form of content you produce will enable you to hone your skills, and attain a level of perfection.

It will also help make your audience know you better, appreciate you, and see you as a person who knows what he is doing. Yes, it is possible to mix blog posts with videos, or to mix up any two different forms of content; but too much will take up one’s energy, distract one, and yield little.

Choose your Niche

Choosing your niche is one of the first things any content creator should do. For example; my niche is helping people launch successful ventures on the web. I also have other interests, but non more important. Choosing your niche is like asking yourself the question: ‘What do I want to write about?’ or ‘What do I want to make videos about?’ or ‘What kind of information do I want to disseminate?’

Of course, to some people that is a no-brainer: Preachers would immediately know that they are to preach, medical and health professionals would likely make content about wellness, and sports and fitness people would likely create content about their line of work.

For the rest of us, we have to choose something that we are knowledgeable about and also passionate about. When we care about this thing, and we want people to see it, then we will put in the extra effort needed to make it work.

Identify your Audience

Sometimes there is a particular demographic you want to help with your message or a particular audience whom you think would like what you have to offer. Sometimes the information may be beneficial to a particular ethnic group, or it could be designed for an age group.

It could also be designed for new moms, kids, college students, newlyweds, new professionals, or for entrepreneurs looking to start new ventures or grow existing ones. Your audience can even be people going through stress; you can just make them laugh a little.

When you know your audience then you have to choose how to reach them.

Choose your Broadcast Medium

The social media platforms seem to have been divided according to demographics. For example; Regular Joes abound on Facebook, People with Ideas (Writing, Politics, Religion, etc) abound on Twitter, and you can find many budding musicians, models, and celebrity wannabes on Instagram and Tiktok.

You can also find people with interest in these areas mentioned above on said platforms. For example, you can find people who love to follow celebrity lifestyles on Instagram; people who love to follow political movements on Twitter, and people who love to socialize; chat and make friends on Facebook.

When you know what your product is, and those whom it will appeal to, then you know where to post it.

Do it Well

Chances are you are going to have some competition; no matter what kind of content you produce. If anybody is going to take a second look at whatever you do; you will have to do it well. Therefore, you have to put your best foot forward as you come through the door.

If you are a comedian, make people laugh so hard that they spill coffee on their computers! That way, they will never forget you, and they will be sure to tell others about you.

If you have created written content you may wish to get an editor or spend time and money developing your craft. Sometimes, you will need to spend money on video editing, other times, you will need to have props with which to do it well.

Have a Budget

Many people come into the field of Digital Content Creation to make money, and as such they don’t like the idea of spending what they already have. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work like that; to stand out, you may need to spend some money. Call it an investment.

Having a budget will therefore help you meet up with the required expenditure; from your day job (it would be foolish not to have one) set aside a small amount to help with expenses relating to content creation; such as props, camera crew, promoting your content, and any editing work.

As for promoting your content; you can find big accounts (accounts with large numbers of followers) on every social media platform offering to promote content for a price. You can check them out, and find one that can work with your budget.

Make Connections

As you go on this journey you will learn the value of making friends. When you comment or like posts made by other creators in your niche; you get some of them to notice you, and also some feedback on your work. When you collaborate with other content makers, you get to tap into their audience and get a fresh set of eyes to see your work.

This can help you grow your followers, and become more popular.

Make Money as a Digital Content Creator

This probably needs more space than we can give it here. However, for many people, it is the whole goal. It was deliberately put last because you need to put the cart behind the horse, not in front. Therefore, when you have done all the above, and you have established yourself as a digital content creator, then you can make money through brand endorsements, product advertisements, selling books or any other products, or even subscriptions or donations.

Key Take-Aways

The first thing is knowing where your talent lies. After that, you can decide what you will do, and how you will do it (writing, video, podcasts) etc. Some people have made a niche for themselves without even having any talent; like those who film street fights, special moments in sports, or strange happenings or phenomena. One just has to find what he is passionate about because when the chips are down, passion keeps one going.


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