40 Days after, Atiku Abubakar’s son Recovers from Covid-19

Mohammed Atiku Abubakar son of former Vice President of Nigeria recovers from Coronavirus after 40 days when was first tested positive for Coronavirus. He announced his recovery on Twitter Monday, 27 April.

‘My discharge could not have come at a better time than in the Ramadan, a season marked by sacrifice and supplication to the Almighty Allah,’ Mohammed Abubakar stated.

Acknowledging an important fact that he has learnt a great lesson from the virus, Mohammed said, ‘This pandemic has united the rich and the poor and, indeed, the rest of the world against this novel lethal virus that has caused economic and social disruptions globally.

‘Every epidemic or pandemic comes with its lessons. The coronavirus has caught the world off guard and sent us reeling for solutions. It also reveals the weaknesses of our health system in the developing world. It’s an eye-opening experience for Nigeria and other developing nations.

40 days after Akiku's son recovers from covid-19
Atiku’s son strikes a pose before he was infected with the deadly coronavirus

‘Thanks to coronavirus outbreak, we are now coming to terms with the necessity of adequate funding of our healthcare system. This disease has brought the rich, the poor and the powerful to a common level.’

He said this was the right time for the ‘policymakers to reset our national priorities and give our health system adequate attention.
‘No investment in our health sector is too much.’

Mohammed thanked Nigerians for their support and prayers all through the period he was battling the disease.

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